Here’s How You Can Treat Your Lower Back Pain Without Going To A Physiotherapist

Portable pull-up bar lower back pain is one of the most common problems people in their middle or older age face. It sometimes also happens to those with increased heights. As the world advances, it is also elevating the prices of everything.

Sometimes it gets hard to spare some money for a trip to the physiotherapist. Therefore, we are here to discuss treating your lower back pain at home. All you need is a pull up bar to get the job done.

But before we jump to how a folding pull up bar stand can lower your back pain, let us see what a pull-up bar is.

What Is A Pull-Up Bar?

A pull-up bar is an exercise stand that helps people to gain height. It is made of alloy and steel in most cases. A pull-up bar comes in different sizes and thus can bear different weights. All you need to do is hand on the bar with your palm facing upwards.

Pull up bar

Where To Place A Portable pull up bar Stand?

If you have a space issue, you must get the folding pull up bar stand. A folding bar helps clear your space when you are done with the exercise. Sometimes, you can also convert the bar stand into a child’s tent when they are playing and thus free two birds with one stone.

Another critical thing to remember about the pull-up bar stand is that it can be moved quickly from one place to another. So, if you are planning a vacation and don’t want to stop exercising, you must take the portable pull up bar with you.

How Does A Portable pull up bar Stand Help With Back Pain?

Now that you know the basics of a standing  pull up bar, let us move to why you landed on this page. How does a pull-up bar help relieve back pain? Hanging from a Portable pull-up bar helps reverse the gravity on your spine. It helps treat your spine, so when you are hanging from the bar, you are supporting your spine to feel better.

But, you must be aware of the Lats muscles and how to avoid getting them more tensed than they already are. The Lats muscles are attached to some of the thickest muscles in your body; therefore, they need not be tightened when you are exercising.

You can place a stool under the bar, so there is a slight bend in your knees. This activity helps reduce the muscle work of the Lats and simultaneously reduces the tension across your lower back. This exercise also helps to get more decompression of your back.

Here’s what you must do once you get the Portable to pull up bar:

  • Setup the bar
  • Hang on the bar with your palms facing sideways
  • Do this for about 30 seconds
  • Try to relax your muscles slowly
  • Do it for the next 30 seconds
  • Release your hands and relax again
  • Take a short break of five minutes
  • Carry out the exercise again

To cure your back pain, you must do this exercise twice a day.

Portable pull up bar

Where To Find The Portable pull up bar?

Now that you know your back pain can be treated at home and you can save the money you were spending on the physiotherapist, here’s where you can find one of the best foldings pull-up bar stand.

If your child is looking for ‘how to get talleronline while you are looking for the best physiotherapists to cure your back pain, then the KT pull-up bar is for you.

Khanh Trinh sells one of the best pull-up bar stands, which come in various sizes. It is a multipurpose device that can either be used to gain height or treat your lower back pain at affordable rates. They are currently providing free delivery all over the US.

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