Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile Design for Improving Your Space


Bathrooms are the one place in your house where you love spending some alone time, releasing stress, and developing new ideas. So, why don’t you plan to improve your decor to eliminate the boring feel that it is giving off now? Then, consider picking the best bathroom tile design to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Tips to Pick the Best Bathroom Tile Design 

Set Your Budget

The first thing you do to improve your old bathroom look with any modern bathroom tile design is to determine your budget. This will help narrow your options by excluding the tile designs from your preferred price range. Also, you have to set an amount for the installation process, labour charges, and other elements like fixtures, sink, toilet,  bathtub, or shower cabin to complete the bathroom design. Remember that money can be a great source of stress while improving any bathroom look. So, it is better than avoiding frustrating things by limiting your options and sticking to them. 

Determine the Right Colours 

When it comes to improving any bathroom look with tiles, thankfully, there are hundreds of bathroom tile colour patterns that you can explore before selecting one for your bathroom. You can refer to interior decor magazines or blogs to get a few inspirations and imagine a picture of the finished bathroom look in your mind. You do not need to finalise the tile; just pick the colour scheme you prefer in your bathing space. Also, thanks to the tile visualise tool, you can get previews of the final look of different tile colours in your bathroom. This will help you pick the suitable tile colour scheme for your bathroom. 

Understanding the Effect of Tile Size

Nowadays, bathroom tiles come in diverse sizes. You can find big slab tiles as well as small and medium-sized tiles. If you have a small bathroom, big slab tiles are a smarter choice. Thanks to fewer grout lines, they can provide a spacious feel in your small bathroom. You can continue the floor tile design to the walls to get a more seamless look. However, if you prefer patterns and want to create an intriguing look, you can choose smaller tiles. They are perfect for adding interest to your bathing space. 

Upkeep is the Key 

It is essential to consider the maintenance factor while picking tiles for bathrooms. Porcelain and vitrified tiles are ideal for wet areas because they prevent water penetration and are easy to maintain. Also, polished tiles are easy to care for and suitable for walls but not for flooring, as they can get slippery. Besides, cleaning grout can be tricky. So, if you plan to lay small tiles requiring more grout lines, maintaining them can take a lot of work. However, larger tiles with fewer grout lines can be easier to maintain, making them perfect for flooring in wet areas. 

Limit Your Tile Types 

While exploring different bathroom tile design options, you may find five designs you like and want to add to the same bathroom space. However, you have to understand that adding too many tile designs in one space can make your bathroom look cluttered and might end up looking like a mess. So, remember that you can pick at most three types of tile designs to beautify your bathroom. 

Pick Your Accents 

If you want to add an accent piece to your bathroom for an overall luxe effect, you can pick any captivating bathroom tile design for your shower walls or backsplash. You can go for tile designs like wooden, mosaic, hexagonal, travertine, or herringbone, whichever complements the rest of the bathroom decor. Also, you can add plants to freshen up the space. These elements will draw attention and give your bathroom personality. 


Hope with this bathroom tile selection guide, you can now lay your hands on the best tiles for your bathroom. You can visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique to pick high-quality bathroom tiles to improve your bathroom’s appeal and functionality.

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