Top 5 Trekking Trails in Nainital for Adventure Lovers

If you are from a northern Indian state, you have probably visited Nainital as a kid. Even if you have not, you likely know it is a popular hill station. Surprisingly, some young explorers may believe Nainital does not offer much adventure. After booking the Delhi to Nainital Tour Package, most people expect a bit of boating on Naini Lake, a walk on Mall Road, and scenic valley views during their trip.

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Well, for those ready to seek more adventure, there is a different story. If you are up for it, go for 16 seater tempo traveller hire and keep reading to discover thrilling hiking and trekking trails.

  1. Tiffin’s Top
Tiffin Top

Take a ride in the Nainital trolley. This trolley carries visitors up to a nearby peak called Tiffin’s Top (also known as Dorothy’s Peak). While the trolley ride gives you some amazing views of the mountain city and its surroundings, it is not exactly a daring experience. For those wanting more excitement on their way to Tiffin’s Top, there is an alternative route involving a short hike to the peak.

The hike starts at the city centre and suits all interests and fitness levels. You will walk through green forests, and this 4-kilometer trek provides awe-inspiring views. For Bollywood lovers, the view from Tiffin’s Top is a small surprise. From the top, you can spot a movie-like mountain school featured in the early movie scenes of the 2000s film Koi Mil Gaya. If the hike feels too challenging, you can choose a cheerful horseback ride to the top.

Altitude: 2292 Meters
● Distance: 4 Kilometre
● Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner

  1. Kunjkharak Trek
Kunjkharak Trek

If you are seeking a different experience near Nainital, do not overlook the Kunjkharak Trek. This destination stands out for several reasons. First off, it is not your typical hilly trek; it is a jungle trek, a rarity in the northern parts of the country. Wait! There is more. KunjKharak is relatively untouched, especially compared to popular spots like Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park. The trek kicks off in Pangot, about a 40-minute drive from Nainital, spans two to three days, and guides adventurers through dense deodar, rhododendron, and oak forests. Hey, Urban Dwellers! Doesn’t it sound exciting and refreshing? Well, your dream to embark on this tranquil yet adventurous trek will come true if you opt for a Tempo traveller hire in Delhi.

The total trekking distance is around 36 kilometres, mostly involving plain walks or downhill hikes. A part of the trek follows the Kosi River, where you can take a refreshing dip and revitalize your body. While the Kunjkharak trek passes through the villages of Domas and Kumeria, there are hardly any shops along the trail. So, it is a good idea to carry water, snacks, and other essentials to keep yourself fueled during the trek.

Altitude: 1343 Meters
● Distance: 36 Kilometers
● Difficulty Level: Moderate

  1. Naini Peak-Pangot Trek
Naini Peak Pangot Trek

The Naini Peak-Pangot trek is a perfect two-day adventure. Beginning at Mallital, the trek passes through the renowned Snow View Hill, leading to Naini Peak (also called China Peak). At 2611 meters, Naini Peak is the highest point with stunning views of the town, the mighty Naina Devi Temple, and the Himalayan mountain ranges. After trekking for a few more hours, covering a distance of around 14 kilometres, you will reach the mountain village of Pangot.

For many travellers, this village serves as a resting point from where they trek back to Nainital the next day. Pangot is known for bird-watching activities due to its rich flora and fauna. With picturesque sunsets, it is an ideal spot to set up camps and spend the night after a challenging hike. On the return, there is an alternative route through the village of Kilbury. Although a bit trickier to navigate, the views along this trail make the extra time and effort worthwhile.

Altitude: 2611 Meters
● Distance: 14 Kilometers
● Difficulty Level: Easy

  1. Guano Hills
Guano Hills

If you have had your fill of the bustling crowds and noise that come with tourist-heavy spots in Nainital, consider a trip to Guano Hills. Renowned for its bird-watching opportunities, Guano Hills trade the chaotic sounds of crowds and traffic jams for a continuous symphony created by thousands of birds.

Situated just a bit over 1800 meters above sea level, Guano Hills is hailed as a “paradise for hikers.” The melodic chirping of birds and a captivating forest featuring bamboo, oak, and deodar trees, make this spot a must-visit. The trek to Guano Hills kicks off from Pangot village, and note that the hills are accessible to tourists only between 8 AM and 6 PM. Hence, it is a good idea to plan your day thoroughly to make the most of your visit to these enchanting hills.

Altitude: 1800 Meters
● Distance: 5 Kilometres
● Difficulty Level: Easy

  1. Land’s End
Lands End

Ever heard of places with cool names but disappointing views? Well, Land’s End is not one of them. The 4-kilometre hike is undoubtedly the most rewarding in the region. True to its name, Land’s End Peak is literally where the land finds its boundaries. Beyond the peak, there are several hundred meters of sheer nothingness and thus it is blessed with incredible views of the surrounding Himalayas, valleys, and lakes.

The short distance makes it ideal for time-strapped adventure lovers. Simultaneously, the breathtaking scenery along the trail and at the peak makes it a perfect spot for a day hike or a picnic with loved ones. Like many day hikes from Nainital, pony rides are available to Land’s End, but you should take this hike on foot to fully absorb the glory of Mother Nature the way it is meant to be.

Altitude: 2118 Meters
● Distance: 4 Kilometers
● Difficulty Level: Easy


Nainital is a haven for travellers. It is not just an iconic hill station; it caters to every type of traveller. While its well-known aspects include shopping, charming mountain homestays, and luxurious resorts, Nainital is often underestimated by adventure seekers. For those with an optimistic outlook, this is a plus. Why? This destination, being relatively unexplored, provides hikes and treks that genuinely offer visitors the solitude that draws us to the hills.

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