Top 5 safest countries in Africa to visit

Many individuals might try to avoid coming to Africa since they might not feel secure on this continent.

Many individuals might try to avoid coming to Africa since they might not feel secure on this continent. However, in case you are likewise of this opinion, then you are completely wrong. There are many countries in Africa that will provide you with lots of security similar to other nations of Europe. That being said, we have mentioned the safest countries in Africa that you can visit in 2023.

1. Rwanda

You should never overlook Rwanda in case you want to tour Central-East Africa. This place can boast of having spectacular natural beauty, along with a unique history and culture. Here, you will have the privilege of hiking through the Virunga National Park. It will be a memorable experience without any doubts. The diminishing population of Mountain Gorillas is another reason to visit the nation as well.

The country’s crime rate is quite low, while its healthcare system is one of the best on the planet. Therefore, it is a fact that Rwanda is one of the safest countries to visit right now and know what things to do in rwanda.

2. Zambia

A trip to this particular country can never be a safety concern, and therefore, there is no reason for you to worry. For example, the residents of this country are very friendly and will handle your medical requirements if needed. However, you need to use the proper type of medication to prevent malaria while you are in Zambia. The nation is quite hot, especially from May to October, and therefore, make sure to take enough fluids with you.

3. Botswana

Among the African nations, Botswana is considered to be one of the safest countries in Africa given that its political situation is presently stable. Apart from this, the crime rates of this country are low. The main threat comes from the wild creatures out there. For example, driving on the roads in this country can be perilous because of elephants. Mosquitoes can also be one of the greatest dangers right here as in many other places in Africa.

4. Mauritius

One particular reason why this country is considered to be safe for females happens to be the fact that the majority of the population here is Buddhist. Mauritius can boast of having a low crime rate, unlike many other nations in Africa, and it is also friendly to tourists. However, women travelers should not take any chances, and they should take some precautions while staying in this country. Mauritius has a constitution stating equal rights for females, and the remaining part of the community remains conservative. Nonetheless, the local people in Mauritius have modified their conventional thoughts so that females can be comfortable in this particular country.

5. Tanzania

This country is endowed with a notable biological diversity, and here you will come across a whopping 14,000 species of wildlife. Tanzania emphasizes safeguarding wildlife, and this is evident from the way they treat animals right here. While visiting this country, you are advised to go for a safari in the reputed Serengeti National Park where you can view some exotic animals roaming freely.


Finally, we would like to mention that among the safest countries in Africa, you should choose one from the list stated above. But always bear in mind that other locations in this continent can also be considered so that you can have a great adventure during your visit right here.

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