Tips to Take Care of Eyebrows After Microblading Procedure

Taking care of the skin wherever microblading is performed is quite the same as tattoo care. The pigment after the procedure will seem very dark. And hence the skin beneath will be red. Around two hours post microblading, you should run a wet cotton swab that has been sterilized with water over the wound. This can help get rid of any excess dye that’s on your brows. However, it takes a couple of weeks for the skin to start looking cured. And for the pigment to get lighter and get back to its regular color.

Here are some helpful tips you need to know about Eyebrow Care after you have had a microblading procedure.

How to know which treatment is best for you?

There are two ways that you can adopt to treat your eyebrows when microblading, dry healing and wet healing.

The difference between them is that one involves ointment when cleaning the brows. While the other doesn’t if your brow technician recommends wet healing. That means that you just need to first wash your brows gently with sterile water. Afterwards, dry the brows slowly by blotting them with a clean material like a cotton pad. The final step is applying an ointment.

Some microblading artists recommend this sort of healing, saying that ointment acts as a barrier against contamination.

When it comes to dry healing there are 2 methods, you’ll be able to choose from. The primary one is cleaning your brows gently, followed by drying them. Nevertheless, the ointment is left out. The other might be slightly extreme and recommends that no cleaning in the beginning and no ointments. Then, all you would do is keep your hands off the brow and let it heal naturally.

How To Maintain Microblading Once It’s Healed?

The longevity of your microblading leans on your lifestyle. If you sweat a lot, swim, or expose the treated space to the sun it’s not likely that your microblading can last as long as 2-3 years. If you would want to prolong it, you need to schedule regular visits to a nearby beauty parlor. However, your skin can influence the frequency of these visits. Don’t delay for too long because if your microblading fades away, you’ll have to repeat the treatment over again.

Moreover, if you would want your microblading to last longer, treat your brows with a creamy lotion. Also avoid harsh products that contain axerophthol because it weakens the procedure.

Final Words

To say in the final words the best eyebrow care tip after microblading is that once your skin is cured, you’ll need to protect your microblading by taking care of your skin. Applying a cream to the microbladed area could keep the skin toned and prevent weakening of the procedure. Microblading is permanent but is prone to fade. Weakening could occur much faster than brow tattooing owing to the smaller quantity of pigment used. Two years after your first brow microblading procedure, you’ll probably need to repeat the procedure in its entirety.

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