Tips by Tsur Ben David to Reduce the Consumption of Water in a Cooling Tower

Tips to Reduce the Consumption of Water in a Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is mainly used to reduce the heat and the temperature of the water stream. It removes the heat from the stream of water and rejects it to the air. Since these towers are the best when it comes to rejecting heat, they use a lot of water (potable). With time, the water consumption of these cooling towers increases. Hence, it is more than important for you to manage this consumption so that the uses as well as the wastage.

Even though it can be a difficult task for a plant or facility owner to decide the ways to cut down the uses of water, leading names such as Tsur Ben David suggest the following:

Importance of optimizing cooling tower’s water consumption

Importance of optimizing cooling tower’s water consumption

Here are some points that will help you understand the importance of optimizing the cooling tower:

  • To conserve the resources of water, reduce costs, reduce the wastage of water, and save some bucks.
  • Reducing water wastage and saving the same for the next generation is not only important but our responsibility.
  • Every nation and its government may have some rules related to water wastage and water consumption.

How to decrease water consumption?

There are many ways but the below ones are quite effective when it comes to reducing the water consumption in a cooling tower:

  • Reduce the load of the cooling and make the tower’s control and quality better.
  • If the CoC (cycles of concentration) are properly optimized and drift is under control, then the consumption and wastage of water can easily be reduced.
  • Manage overflows as it is the biggest reason for water waste.
  • Keep the cooling tower well-maintained. For this, you should conduct regular inspections of sensors, and valves to find if there are any leaks.
  • Give your team members proper training so that they can understand the importance of water conservation.

Some more effective ways to reduce water consumption and wastage have been mentioned below. Take a look:

  • Manage the right balance and consumption of water

You need to address the balance of water in a cooling tower. This is an easy way to save water. According to Tsur Ben David, drift, overflows, system leaks, splash out, and evaporation are the main reasons behind water losses. Therefore, it is important to minimize these issues so that water balance can be managed.

  • Audit the cooling tower

If you truly want to optimize the efficiency of the system, then you need to conduct water audio regularly. There are so many ways to calculate the water efficiency of the cooling tower. Hence, you should pick the one that can provide you with accurate details.

  • Choose alternative water sources

To decrease the use of potable water in the cooling tower, you should opt for alternative sources of water. According to Tsur Ben David, rainwater, stormwater, recycled water, lake or river water, etc. can be used in cooling towers.

  • Final takeaways

Keeping the wastage and consumption of water in a cooling tower at minimum levels is extremely important. To ensure the same, you should audit the tower regularly and fix the leaks promptly. Besides, you can choose CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David to know some more solutions that can help you in water conservation.

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