The Top Trends in Ticket Printing UK for 2024

Ticket printing in the UK is evolving rapidly to keep up with emerging technology and customer demands. As we approach 2024, several key trends are shaping the future of ticket printing in the events, hospitality, and retail industries. Read on for an overview of the top innovations and changes impacting ticket printers in the coming years.

Sustainable Materials Become Mainstream

One major shift occurring across industries is a focus on sustainability. Consumers and businesses care about eco-friendly products and operations. The sustainability movement is affecting ticket printing. Recycled paper and plant-based inks are becoming popular.

In 2024, sustainable ticket stock and ink will dominate the market. They will be made from recycled paper and soybean oil ink. Event ticket printing companies are starting to use green printing methods. They want to attract more customers who care about the environment.

Mobile Tickets Gain Traction

Printed tickets are important for events and services. Mobile tickets are becoming more popular. They can be delivered through SMS, email, or mobile apps. They are convenient and secure. They are ideal for busy consumers who do everything on their smartphones.

Market reports predict that by 2024, mobile Custom Ticket Printing will make up more than 20% of ticket sales worldwide. Event managers should offer mobile ticket options. Attendees will be interested in this.

Creative and Bold Designs

The essence of event tickets printing in the world requires design. The ticket designs should be more innovative and striking in 2024. Bright colors, holographic elements, and unorthodox shapes are the things that are expected to dominate. These designs render tickets appealing to the eyes and increase their value as collectibles. The ticket design can serve as a memento that reminds us about the special moments of the event.

Smooth and Friendly Online Portals

The advancement of online booklet printing has changed the way in which tickets are printed and sold. It is anticipated that these platforms will be more user-friendly and seamless in 2024. The project will focus on making design and ordering easier for everyone, even those who don’t know graphic design. You can print your own booklet and tickets easily.

Special Finishing Touches Expand

Along with template design options, the assortment of special finishing touches like foils, special cuts, and coatings available to printed tickets continues expanding. Metallic foils and lucid effects add premium aesthetics to any event or product. Unique die cut shapes make printed materials stand out. Soft-touch and gloss coatings give a tactile experience while protecting items.

In 2024 and later, small Custom Ticket Printing jobs can include affordable embellishments that were once considered luxuries. Event organizers and retail/hospitality managers can choose ticket printing UK providers. They can enhance standard tickets or vouchers with special finishes.


Ticket Printing UK’s key drivers will be innovation, personalization, sustainability, and digital integration. How tickets are being printed is being influenced by these trends, leading to a new event experience. These trends will be of utmost importance for the people who wish to remain in the lead in the ticket printing game.

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