The Importance of Custom Boxes in Today’s Online Industry

Companies have the power to shape initial impressions by carefully selecting appropriate packaging for their products. While the primary function of packaging materials is to safeguard products during shipping and storage, they also serve as a sales and marketing tool, much like wholesale magnetic closure boxes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore four popular types of boxes that are favored by eCommerce businesses. We will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of each type, as well as the associated costs and environmental impact.

The choice of custom packaging boxes for an online store depends on the specific product at hand. It is crucial that the custom box is robust enough to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition when unopened, thus upholding the company’s reputation.

Common Types of Custom Boxes

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes, also known as pillow boxes or wholesale pillow boxes, are a lightweight solution suitable for medium-sized items and high-value packaging. These boxes can be designed to reflect the brand theme, making them an elegant marketing tool. With the ability to achieve high-resolution and color printing, folding boxes exude a professional aesthetic throughout the sales process.

To maintain the visual appeal, folding boxes are typically coated, acting as a barrier to protect the contents from external elements.

Convenient Storage

Folding printed cases can be transported and stored flat, making them ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited storage space. Their slim profile reduces the risk of cracking or chipping during shipment. The glossy finish of folding cartons adds to their attractiveness when displayed on retail shelves or showcased on social media after unpacking.

Hard Cases

Unlike their foldable counterparts, hard cases are constructed from multiple layers of pressed cardboard, providing enhanced impact resistance. Luxury items such as jewelry and mobile phones are often packaged in hard cases.

Luxurious Appeal

When customers make substantial purchases, they anticipate a premium experience from beginning to end. The sturdiness of a hard case immediately imparts a sense of high quality and value.

Superior Protection

Thicker cases offer better protection than their folding counterparts, which makes custom hard cases indispensable for safeguarding luxury items. Although the cost per unit and shipping expenses may be higher, the added protection is worthwhile, particularly for valuable contents.

Mailer Boxes

These boxes are designed for shipping and feature high-quality openings. They can be folded and printed on both sides, providing ample space for advertising within the same packaging area. While they may not be as thick as traditional shipping boxes, their weight ensures structural integrity.

Outstanding Unboxing Experience

Mailer boxes create an impressive impact upon arrival. They are easy to open and offer ample room for additional branding.

Wide Range of Sizes

Custom shipping bags come in various sizes to accommodate most products. They can also handle heavier items that collapsible boxes cannot, all while maintaining a high-quality aesthetic.


Made from recycled paper and fully recyclable themselves, these small boxes protect both the product and the environment.

Mailer boxes

These Boxes are incredibly versatile and become even more effective when paired with branded custom boxes. However, for very low-priced products or resold items that no longer have their original packaging, the cost of using mailer boxes may not be justifiable.

Every company should consider utilizing at least one branded shipping box when delivering bundles or bulk inventory to retailers. The combination of shipping boxes and bags can enhance the customer experience when receiving goods directly from the manufacturer. In this blog, we will present unique packaging ideas to elevate the user experience.

Shipping Boxes for International Trade

Shipping boxes are almost universally employed for long-distance transportation. These boxes are typically made of corrugated cardboard and are often plain brown, but customization options are available. Larger sizes are also offered to accommodate multiple product units or bundles.

Structural Superiority

Corrugated board technology ensures exceptional strength and impact resistance, making it the safest choice for transporting heavy

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