Making Your Paper Soap Wraps At Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Making your Paper Soap Wrap is a creative and entertaining project and a more eco-friendly option than buying pre-packaged soap. If you make paper soap wrappers at home, you can choose the materials and design them however you like. Supplies Needed

Get the following together before you start:

Kraft Paper

If you wrap your soap in paper, make it high-quality Kraft paper. Wraps made from eco-friendly Kraft paper will last and look great for years.

Corrugated Board, Sometimes Known As Cardboard

Paper soap wraps require a backing made of cardboard or corrugated board. This strengthens the soap and shields it from damage in use or transit.

Cutlery Shears

You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors for precise paper cuts and neatly finished edges.


Mark the exact measurements of your soap packaging with a ruler.

Ink Pencil

A pencil helps outline designs and create cutting lines on paper.

Two-Way Tape

The paper wrapping can be stuck to the cardboard or corrugated backing with double-sided tape.

Decorative Features

You may give your homemade soap wraps a unique look by collecting embellishments like ribbons, stickers, or stamps.

Detailed Procedures

Let’s go into the specifics of how to make paper soap wraps at home:

Measure And Cut

Taking into account some extra room for folding and sealing, measure the dimensions of your soap bar. Use a ruler to ensure the Kraft paper cutting lines are straight and precise. Then, using the scissors, carefully cut along the lines to make a rectangular piece of Kraft paper.

Get The Support Ready

Cover the corrugated or cardboard with the trimmed Kraft paper. Cut out the Kraft paper by tracing its outline onto the backing sheet. The backing should be cut to the same proportions as the outside paper.

Fold The Paper Wrapper 

The coloured or patterned side of the Kraft paper should be facing down on a level surface. Put the bar of soap in the middle of the paper. Make sure there is some overlap in the middle by folding the longer sides of the paper over the soap. Make crisp creases and folds using your fingertips.

Fasten Everything With Double-Sided Tape

Use double-sided tape to seal the paper’s folded edges. Seal the wrapper tightly by pressing the edges to keep the soap inside. Cut off any surplus tape for a professional look.

Fasten The Backing

Wrap the cardboard or corrugated board in double-sided tape. Place the backing on the back of the Paper For Soap Wrapping, making sure the sides are lined up. Put some severe pressure on it to make sure it stays put.

Optionally Include Decorative Elements

Use your imagination and some embellishments to make your homemade soap wrap more visually appealing. Embellish the wrapping with ribbons, stickers, or stamps to give it a personal touch.

Wrap Many Times If Desired

To make a set of lovely handmade paper soap wraps, repeat the preceding instructions for each soap bar you desire to encase.

Paper Soap Wrapping Advice

Use Kraft paper in various ways, including experimenting with its colours, patterns, and textures. Put your brand’s name or the name of the soap on a personalized label and attach it to the wrappers. Sustainable printing practices include the use of water-based or vegetable-based inks.


Making paper soap wraps at home is a great way to express individuality while helping the planet. Sustainable packaging solutions that are aesthetically beautiful and functional can be achieved with the help of materials like Kraft paper, cardboard, or corrugated board. Making paper soap wraps is a fun and creative way to give or utilize soap bars.


When making my soap wraps, may I use different kinds of paper?

Although Kraft paper is the most sturdy and environmentally friendly option, you can use whichever paper you like so long as it is designed for soap packing.

Can I reuse the paper from my homemade soap packaging?

DIY soap packaging made from Kraft paper or cardboard/corrugated board is recyclable. Before recycling, be sure that all adhesives and ribbons have been removed.

How affordable are homemade paper soap wraps?

Absolutely! Rather than buying pre-made packaging, you can save money by making your soap wraps. In addition, you can customize the way they look to suit your tastes.

How can I give my homemade soap wraps more character?

Custom labels, hand-drawn drawings, and one-of-a-kind embellishments can let your homemade soap wraps stand out.

What about homemade paper soap wraps? 

Certainly! Making your paper soap wraps gives your homemade soap an authentic look and feel, which may be a big selling point. Wraps are a great way to advertise your business, so make sure they look good.

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