The best manual faucet foamer

A milk frother is a popular device among coffee lovers. This device, with its high capabilities, makes milk foam or milk foam as much as you need. and beautify the appearance of their coffee.

Latte and Cappuccino are two popular and tasty coffee models that are made from a combination of coffee and milk foam. To make coffee, they use devices such as Mokap or French press, and to prepare milk froth, they use a device called foam maker. A quick and ideal form prepares the foam needed to make coffee.

What is milk frother?
This device is also known as the milk foam stirrer, which is divided into three models: manual, pump and electric. This device is used to prepare milk foam when making a variety of hot and cold drinks such as coffee.

Types of flooring
Manual flooring
The manual foam maker has a structure similar to a hand mixer and consists of a plastic handle and a metal series. Its power supply is provided by two pen batteries, which can be replaced if the battery is exhausted. Rechargeable foam maker. With its excellent performance, it can prepare high-quality milk foam for you in a short period of time.

Pump floor
This milk frother model is similar in appearance to the French press, with the difference that the pump foam maker only has the ability to prepare milk froth. The method of working with it is also very simple. It is enough to put the container on the flame of the stove or hot milk. pour it into the tank of the frother. Now, by raising and lowering the lever on the lid several times, the milk foam is ready to be served.

Electric floor cleaner
The electric coffee frother is one of the best devices for preparing milk foam. This electric device, with its high power and speed, makes high-quality milk froth for you in a short period of time, although the price of the electric frother is more expensive than the other two models.

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