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Are you missing out on your favorite sports events just because you don’t have a regular satellite or cable subscription? There are multiple other streaming platforms that broadcast your favorite sports without any interruption! Among them, Bbangbang tv (빵빵tvholds the number one choice! Some of these streaming sites don’t even ask you to pay hefty subscription fees! That means you can enjoy live match updates, check sports analysis, Powerball analysis, and match highlights. So are you ready to explore all those streaming options? Then, let’s get into it! 

Best Sports Broadcasting Platforms Where You Can Stream Your Favorite Sports 

If for some reason you are unable to get a cable subscription, try the following streaming sites to stay updated with global sports events:

Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비)

When it comes to streaming websites, sports lovers in Korea prefer registering into Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비). First of all, you can sign up to the platform for free. Whether you want to check the live scoreboard of the latest EPL or La Liga season or baseball matches, the streaming website got you covered. The streaming site undertakes all types of safety measures to keep your personal credentials private.

Moreover, it comes with a simple and uncluttered interface, so you won’t face any issues in accessing it. Additionally, you will never come across any type of lag or technical glitch while using the platform. The one feature that sets it apart from the rest is its chat facility, where all the other members can initiate a conversation with each other.

루틴맨티비 (Routine Man TV)

Just like Bbangbang tv (빵빵tv) , there is another sports broadcasting platform named Routine Man TV (루틴맨티비). The interface and features of this streaming website are almost similar to Bbangbang TV! Users can check the live score updates of different sports, including soccer and baseball. There is no hefty registration fee, no lag, and no technical glitch.

Also, the security measures that the Routine Man TV uses are highly reliable, so you can input all your personal details without any worries. From evaluating the Powerball analysis; and sports analysis, to match highlights, you can gain free access to everything! Moreover, you can chat with other users with its built-in chat facility.


The standalone streaming platform, ESPN Plus streams most of the global sports and is going to host soccer, including EPL and La Liga. However, if you are willing to watch NBA basketball or NFL soccer games, you might not find it on this streaming website.

Also, like Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비and routine man tv (루틴맨tv), ESPN Plus is not completely free. To stream your favorite sports through this platform, you might need to pay a certain subscription charge. They have both monthly and annual subscription plans, so if you are interested you can choose it accordingly.

Hulu Plus Live TV

In case you are looking for a streaming website where you can enjoy both sports and entertainment, get a subscription to Hulu Plus Live TV. However, the subscription charge for this platform is pretty high. But once you subscribe to it, you gain access to other networks, like ESPN, FS1, TBS, TNT, etc.

However, the streaming website does not broadcast certain sports events, including tennis channels, NHL, MLB, or NBA games. Needless to mention, the only attraction that the streaming website has is NFL Red Zone, except this nothing else adds much value to Hulu Plus Live TV packages.

Sky Sports 

Are you looking for a sports broadcasting website like Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비) to get live updates about global soccer, baseball, boxing, or Elite Ice League? Then register to Sky Sports; well it might have a free version where you do not need to pay any subscription fees, but the sports content in the free version is limited. Moreover, in the free version, you would need to encounter pop-up ads in between the live matches.


HesGoal does not directly stream the sports event, it shares the links of the matches, keeping you updated with the real-time match score. But through this website, you can get updates on everything related to soccer.

The streaming website equips you with links to live events, match highlights of current matches all possible sports updates about the intentional football leagues. However, the streaming website mainly focuses on broadcasting soccer, so you might not find news and updates regarding other sports events.

Wrapping Up 

Due to geographical restrictions, you might be unable to access some of these above-listed sports streaming options directly. However there is nothing to worry about as with some VPNs like ExpressVPN, you can alter the server and use them! In case you do not want to take such hassle, prefer registering to Bbangbang tv (빵빵tv) andRoutine Man TV (루틴맨티비). They are free, reliable, and need np VPN to access.

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