Shipping a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland: 10 Top Tips

Hawaii, with its fantastic year-round weather, has long been a dream destination for many seeking to settle in this tropical archipelago of 137 islands, boasting beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna. However, as Hawaii is situated 2,000 miles away from the US mainland, efficient logistics are essential when shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland. Whether you’re relocating to Hawaii to enjoy its natural beauty or exploring job and business opportunities, there may come a time when you want to return to the Mainland, taking your car with you. This could be due to sentimental attachment or the cost considerations of purchasing a new vehicle on the Mainland, among other reasons.

In this article, we will discuss valuable tips for shipping your car from Hawaii to the Mainland quickly, efficiently, and safely, all while keeping costs affordable with the assistance of the best and most experienced logistics companies.

Ten Tips for Easy, Fast, and Safe Car Shipping from Hawaii to the Mainland

It is increasingly common for Americans to relocate between states for various reasons. In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in individuals moving from the Mainland to the distant shores of Hawaii and returning. However, unlike most states, Hawaii is situated 2,000 miles away in the Pacific Ocean, making the transportation of cars and essential belongings between Hawaii and the Mainland a growing necessity. For those considering shipping their car from Hawaii to the Mainland, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the process to ensure a smooth, quick, and secure transition. The following tips will guide you through the process without any hiccups:

Ensure that all necessary paperwork is prepared before dropping off your car at any of the Hawaii ports for shipment to the Mainland.

Essential documents include an American auto purchase order confirmation, vessel booking number, vehicle title, a lien authorization letter (if the vehicle is leased or financed), and a photo ID of the vehicle owner.

If the car has multiple owners, the photo IDs of all owners are required for shipping to the Mainland.

For financed or leased vehicles, an official notarized letter is necessary and must be dated within 30 days of the shipping date.

It is crucial to provide a set of keys, and if the car has an alarm system, include the remote control when delivering the vehicle to the port.

In cases where the vehicle owner or the person who financed the car cannot be present at the port, ensure that the individual bringing the car possesses a valid proof of power of attorney from the owner.

Obtain insurance from the Mainland county where the car will be located within 30 days of its arrival.

Fill only 25% of the car’s fuel tank, as the US Coast Guard classifies it as hazardous material.

Clean the interior and exterior of the car thoroughly before shipping to facilitate proper vehicle inspection during loading and unloading.

Ensure that no personal items are left in the car, except for essential items like jumper cables and a spare tire.

By following these guidelines and tips, anyone can successfully ship their car from Hawaii to the Mainland without complications, ensuring a fast, easy, and safe transition. 

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