Reasons & Full Solution: Export WLM EML File to Outlook MSG

If you’re searching for an easy and quick technique to Export WLM EML File to Outlook MSG Format, you can read this article to get the best possible solution. However, we must first gather some free internet knowledge on EML to MSG conversion before delving further. Click below to get free access to Professionally Converting EML to MSG

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What Makes an MSG File Distinct from an EML File?

The most common file format, EML, is utilized by several email applications, including Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, and others. EML (.eml) files resemble HTML and plain text. The EML file format is supported by almost all email clients. It also saves all of the main information related to the email message’s content, attachments, and hyperlinks.

Conversely, an individual or a single email message can be found in each MSG file. It was saved in a (.msg) file. All versions of Outlook are compatible with this file type. Each email message includes the sender and recipient’s details, attachments, and links.

Here, we have explained all the essential information about both formats. Now, we are going to know the reasons to convert EML to MSG.

Purpose Behind EML to MSG Format Conversion:

These are the several justifications for the EML-to-MSG conversion. A list of all the reasons is provided below:

The EML file format can’t store additional data. However, extra data from Outlook fields can be present in MSG files.

  • When the user dragged an MSG file into Outlook, they created a normal copy in the folder of the MSG message.
  • MSG files take up low space as compared to EML files.
  • EML file format stores data in the form of plain text, much like HTML format.
  • Opening an EML file in Outlook takes a long time.

These are some reasons to import EML to MSG.

We will now learn how to quickly and efficiently convert EML files to MSG files in batches.

Methods to Export WLM EML File to Outlook MSG Format

This section will describe the several manual approaches for free online EML to MSG conversion. Although each approach has advantages of its own, we will go over every detail of each. Using these techniques, you can convert large batches of EML files to MSG files. You must carefully follow every step if you want a better outcome.

Method 1: Convert EML to MSG Making Use of Outlook

Outlook can be used by users to put this strategy into practice. As we indicated below, all actions must be carried out in the same way if you want better results:

  • Find the EML file and then right-click on it.
  • Choose Outlook preference when you click on the Open With option.
  • Next, select a ribbon bar and press the Move button.
  • Here, choose the other folder to save the file in as your preferred folder.
  • Click the OK button to finish.
  • Select your email address now, then hit the File menu.
  • Next, you must choose the “Save as” button.
  • Your (.eml) files can then be correctly saved into the (.msg) files. This is an EML-to-MSG conversion mechanism that any user can utilize. However, this method has several problems. This approach cannot be used with large files.

If you wish to simultaneously convert large amounts of EML to MSG using the conventional approach, Therefore, it doesn’t seem to be possible. By hand, you can manually convert only one file at a time. To carry out the procedure, considerable technical expertise was also needed. These are a few drawbacks of the manual EML to MSG file conversion procedure.

Converting EML to MSG file format is a complicated process, and you can’t implement the free manual process on bulk files. Now, if you want to get around every restriction, you can read the next section, “Method 2,” to learn an alternate method for producing results that are error-free.

Method 2: An Effective Method for Export WLM EML File to Outlook MSG Format

If “Method 1” does not work properly for you, Then, you can go with the professional method that helps you get an error-free result. You can try the Pcinfotools EML to MSG Converter Tool, which can easily convert EML to MSG, single files, or bulk files.

The program uses the latest technologies, and its algorithmic operation assures the output is error-free. Regardless of technical proficiency, anyone can use this tool, which is the most dependable one available. This tool is safe because it maintains all email attributes and folder structure. Additionally, you can store or move emails with the attached files, thanks to the user-friendly interface.

You must carefully follow every step if you want a better outcome.

  • Start your computer and visit the official website to download it.
  • Install the settings and run it to get access to the EML to Outlook MSG Converter Tool.
  • Click “EML or EMLX files” to add the conversion tool.
  • Verify the newly added files and specify the output directory.
  • The conversion procedure starts when you click the Convert Now button.
  • Finally, the EML files with attachments to the MSG file were converted.


We have briefly described the free manual technique along with step-by-step guidance, although there are several restrictions. Bulk EML files cannot be converted to MSG files using the manual method. Thus, you can use a different approach to convert EML to MSG file format if you have several EML files. Therefore, we will suggest to you the best alternative, such as the Pcinfotools EML to MSG Converter Tool, for converting bulk EML to MSG file format. It is the safest and most reliable online EML to MSG converter software that provides error-free results.

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