Best 5 Things You Will Learn in the Online Cyber Security Course?

Cyber security professionals is growing every coming day as they play a great role in defending computer systems against malicious and online attacks by online criminals. 

Media reports also say that every 1 in 5 devices is prone to cyber threats and malicious attacks. 

They hit small to large businesses including the common man. Cyber Threats and Security are also available in various forms like degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. The diploma program is available in online and distance mode in which students are taught the basic nature of cyber threats and how to deal with them. 

Before choosing a course in cyber security and threat, it becomes very necessary to compare your course using a robust and effective education comparison portal. College Vidya offers intuitive features to compare your college and course in online and distance mode because this mode of education is completely valid for getting job opportunities after completing the course. 

Here, you will know the top topics you will learn in the Cyber Security Course Online:

Types of Malware

The first thing you should need as a student of Cyber security is the nature of viruses and online attacks. Also, you should know how to tackle security issues if detected in your system. For the same, you should be aware of various types of malware and viruses available. There are mainly 7 types of threats in the digital domain. They are Malware, Emolet, Denial of service, phishing attacks, and mediator online attacks. Once you know the possible types of viruses, then you can easily scan your device and remove it with the skills of cyber threats and security in hand.

Secure Password

The next topic you need to cover in your online and distance diploma in Cyber Threats and Security is the knowledge of password encryption securely. It helps you protect your data from unauthorized access. There are many times when cybercriminals want to gain access to your account if it is not secured. To tackle these situations better, you must know various types of tools and software through which you can secure your data with a password.


One of the most important things in keeping data safe is privacy. You should know how to secure your data from the bad hands of cybercriminals. In the online and distance program on cyber threats and security, you will know the need for data privacy and how to make your digital device secure from online thieves and unauthorized access.

Data Breaching

Every student of cyber security should know the types of data security and breaching.  Scammers and cybercriminals target large companies to breach a large amount of data for making big money. They also target individuals. So, it becomes very necessary to know what are the types of data breaches and how you can easily solve them.

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