Laminus – An Interactive Ceiling Art Installation by Saypan+

Saypan+, the leading art installations Design company in Pune, has unveiled its newest interactive art piece – Laminus. This stunning ceiling installation is designed to captivate and intrigue viewers in corporate office spaces.

Laminus consists of multiple thin, rectangular metal plates arranged in a circular formation on the ceiling. Each plate is bent at a different radius and painted in a unique pearlescent color scheme depicting graphical low poly world maps. The plates are suspended from a circular platform on the ceiling by delicate steel cables. This platform houses the motor and acts as the main assembly casing for the art piece. An integrated ceiling light placed at the center of the platform illuminates the plates and enhances their hypnotic color patterns.

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As the prime interactive element, the metal plates slowly revolve around the ceiling light creating an eye-catching visual spectacle. The world map graphics on the plates seem to merge and emerge as they turn, representing the interconnected nature of the corporate world. The revolving movement also creates intriguing light reflections that dance around the room. This makes Laminus an artistic centerpiece guaranteed to spice up any corporate environment.

Laminus is the latest innovation from Saypan+, hailed as the Best art installations Company in Pune. Over the last decade, Saypan+ has been at the forefront in blending technology and design to create cutting-edge art installations for companies across India. All their works are marked by sleek aesthetics, captivating interactions and a dash of subtle meaning.

Much like its other projects, Laminus goes beyond visual appeal. The world map imagery attempts to promote global thinking while the hypnotic movement encourages imagination and creativity. As Samuel Wright, VP Projects at Saypan+ puts it, “Laminus makes even the most mundane corporate space feel magical. We want to fill offices with art that uplifts people’s moods and sparks innovative ideas.”

By combining mechanical motion, light play and evocative graphics, Laminus manages to transform blank ceilings into an artistic spectacle. No wonder Saypan+ is regarded as the Best packaging Company in india when it comes to turning corporate environments into vibrant spaces filled with intrigue and imagination.

As corporate art takes center stage across the world’s innovation hubs, interactive installations like Laminus add a dash of creative magic. Laminus promises to dominate office conversations in the coming months as companies queue up to install this visual marvel on their ceilings. One thing is for sure – mundane corporate ceilings will never feel the same again, thanks to Saypan+’s applause-worthy artistic innovation.

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