Know About Shorthand Writing & Its Benefits

College entails a lot of writing, from study notes to classroom notes. To keep up with lecturers while they are speaking, you not only have to write frequently, but you also need to write quickly. You must take shorthand lessons for this reason. Let’s explore the concept of shorthand writing, the advantages of studying it, and the steps you may follow to get started. 

Choosing the shorthand technique that works best for you is the first step if you want to learn how to write shorthand to speed up your writing.

How does Shorthand work?

In a Shorthand Writing system, letters, words, and sentences are expressed by symbols. You can write more rapidly than you can with standard handwriting by using shorthand symbols. You’ll quickly realize that many experts utilize shorthand in settings like law courts and other professional fields.

There are various types of shorthand writing. Sir Isaac Pitman established the first modern method in 1837. Pitman’s technique employed symbols to represent the sounds that words can make. Pitman shorthand is the name of this system, which is still extensively used in the UK. 

John Robert Gregg created his shorthand method in 1888. He decided to implement modifications that he believed would enhance the shorthand method while learning Pitman shorthand. The Gregg shorthand system was later introduced to the United States, where it has since evolved to become the most widely used type of shorthand.

Teeline is a well-known example of shorthand writing. As it was established in 1968, it is one of the more advanced methods. In the British Commonwealth, where it is frequently taught to reporters, this high development has a fair amount of popularity.

How to Write Shorthand?

First Step: Select A System

Selecting the system you want to study is the first step. Take into consideration both your training time for the system and your ideal writing speed. Newer iterations of Pitman and Gregg shorthand are some of the fastest shorthand systems. Examples of this include the New Era Pitman and the Gregg Pre-Anniversary. Shorthands such as Gregg Diamond Jubilee and Pitman 2000 are simpler to learn if you only have a limited amount of time.

Let’s examine the major shorthand services available to you.

Pitman Shorthand 

Pitman is a phonographic system used in Britain. Writing in photography defies the rules of orthography and is focused on how words sound:

  • The deal means in Del
  • The knife is NIf

Gregg Shorthand

An American phonographic system is called Gregg. It is suitable just for handwriting, just like Pitman.

Teeline Shorthand

  • A British technology called Teeline transcribes spoken speech by omitting extraneous characters.
    CMA stands for a comma.
    Light stands for LT.

Step 2: Collect the appropriate learning resources

After selecting a system, you may begin gathering information on how to use it. The internet is among the greatest places to begin. Look for exercise examples and videos and written tutorials that illustrate how to utilize the system. Shorthand and Teeline Online are two great YouTube channels with shorthand tutorials. 

Checking out any old “text kits” would also be a nice idea. Together with written instructions, these kits often include audio recordings of shorthand tutorials. They might also contain evaluations so you can measure your progress.

Finally, you might wish to search for a shorthand dictionary, which will explain exactly how to write various words in shorthand. 

Step 3: Practice shorthand

It’s essential to recognize that it will likely take some practice before you master shorthand before you begin being used. You shouldn’t make claims that you can acquire shorthand in a few hours too literally if you ever encounter them.

When you first start practicing, be sure to take your time understanding the shorthand symbols before attempting to boost your pace. By doing this, you can stop starting with a lot of mistakes. It’s also important to keep in mind that as you get more used to the system, your speed will increase.

The next crucial step is to ensure that you regularly practice. Make sure to practice writing words and letters repeatedly over a few quick sessions each day. Exercises requiring dictation could be used to evaluate your skills. To accomplish this, you must record yourself and use shorthand to record your speech.


Shorthand Writing is something you can practice for yourself now that you know what it is, how to understand it, and why it is a useful skill.

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