Is the pharmacy career really for you? Let’s find out!

In this post, we’ll provide some advice and techniques you can use to make sure your response to the interview question “why do you want to be a pharmacist?” is specific and appropriate for pharmacist jobs. But first, observe how specific this candidate’s response is in the sample answer that follows.

example response

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to work in healthcare, but I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to be a doctor since I wanted to prioritize preventative care. Then, in high school, I became fascinated in pharmacology.

In high school, biology was one of my favorite classes. When Ms. X was discussing the reproductive system with us, we brought up the topic of birth control pills. I recall finding the impact that one seemingly straightforward medicine may have on the human body to be fascinating, even if the majority of the class seemed to be struggling through the lecture. I spent a lot of time discussing the pill, drugs, and other prescription medications with Ms. X. I simply enjoyed learning about the various medications’ modes of action. I began looking into various pharmaceutical-related careers, and I found pharmacy to be appealing.

The healthcare system’s most approachable professionals, in my experience, are pharmacists since they not only provide medications but also do a variety of other tasks. I’m drawn to pharmacist jobs because I get to work as a link between patients and doctors by providing information to patients about possible drug interactions or enhancing patient outcomes by counseling patients about their medical conditions and dietary requirements. By cultivating connections with consumers, educating them, and offering them useful information or recommendations that can have a long-lasting influence on their health, you also get to benefit your community.

Finding out the various roles that pharmacists have to play and how much they can do to not only heal but also prevent illness showed me how essential they are to their communities and the larger healthcare system because I come from a remote community where access to certain healthcare services is not always available, let alone opportunities like pharmacist jobs.

Through communication and education, I hope to be able to help close the gap that exists in my community between doctors and their patients while also offering preventive care.

How to come up with an answer

You’ll see from the example answer above that the applicant was able to relate their skills and past experiences to a particular facet of being a pharmacist. That is the key to a well-thought-out response to this query. You’ll need to consider your specific skills and experiences and how they relate to the discipline of pharmacology in order to accomplish that.

What initially piqued your interest?

Spend some time introspecting and recalling the moment you first became interested in pharmacy. Perhaps you had a unique experience as a child or had a wonderful pharmacist as a child who piqued your interest in the field. Start by outlining all of your prior experiences in writing.

To become a pharmacist, a candidate need also possess a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or a pharmacy diploma. A master’s degree and a doctorate are also options in this area. Hospitals, commercial and governmental dispensaries, Ayurveda, naturopathy, and homoeopathy are among the places where pharmacists often operate in the community. They receive good compensation from pharmaceutical companies for their efforts in product quality assurance and marketing. However, their pay varies according to experience and education. However, it is important to understand the motivations for choosing a pharmacy before learning about the other skills, training programs, and salaries needed to become a pharmacist. The rewards and opportunities of a career in pharmacy are numerous. You can pursue a career in a variety of fields, including nursing, government health administrations, hospitals, health care centers, and research. 

Widespread Career Path

Pharmacists have a variety of job options at their disposal. They are flexible enough to practice pharmacy and pursue whatever type of employment they choose. They are employable in a variety of fields, including healthcare and hospitals.

Online Resources Are Available

Pharmacists can quickly access online materials. They may connect with people in their profession more easily as a result. They will have access to information and the most recent studies.

Autonomy at work

They have a great deal of freedom to manage their time and tasks according to their priorities. They are free to choose whatever is best for them.

Ability To Assist Others

Pharmacy is a good career choice if you want to help people and serve humanity. They are fortunate to participate in the admirable task of helping others.

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