How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills? | Useful Tips and Techniques

Whether you are a student, a college professor or a professional, essay writing skills are necessary to communicate your ideas. Almost everyone comes across a point where writing good essays becomes important. Moreover, essay writing skills are not just about compiling coherent and relevant sentences; it is about crafting your argument in a compelling way that resonates with the readers and they understand your viewpoint or opinion.

Following are some tips and tricks to enhance your essay writing skills like a pro.

1. Start from basics: Understand the questions and requirements first

The main question or prompt is the most important thing that the writer needs to understand. Carefully reading and noting down the requirements of the prompt given by the professor will help you craft the essay better. Plus, it will help you in providing a clear understanding of the theme and outline of the essay. If you lack these skills, you can buy essay cheap from authentic service providers. They have professional writers to provide you with 100% accurate and well-researched essays.

2. Choose the topic if not assigned already

Some professors give an open end to the writers to select the topics themselves. And at this point, some people get overwhelmed with the choices. The first step to avoid confusion is to understand what topic you are passionate about the most. Analyse whether the topic you are selecting is related to the niche or subject given by the professor.

In case you are passionate about multiple topics, check on which topic you can gather the most data and arguments on. Pick the topic that you are the most passionate about, and you can find credible evidence for it.

3. Plan and organize your research

Research is the most important step in adding more depth and nuances to your essay writing. It enhances the quality of your arguments and gives a new perspective to the reader. When you back your opinions with strong evidence and proof, it gives more weightage to your voice.

The second most important thing that determines the level of your essay-writing skills is how you manage these references and research material. You will find data and information from various sources like journals, books, videos, blogs and others.

4. Do not go off-topic: Make an outline

When writing an essay, many writers get off-track. So, the best way to keep your content relevant is to make an outline and follow it step-by-step. There are several ways to do that. You can make a flow chart or a diagram to organise and manage the evidence and arguments in a compelling way. It will give you a larger picture of what the skeleton of the essay would look like.

Here are the quick steps to create an outline for your essay:

–   Introduction: It is the first section that readers will read. So, it must be compelling, informative and persuasive enough to influence them to read the entire content.

–   Main Body Paragraphs: These paragraphs are the crux of essays. They contain necessary evidence, arguments and supportive data to give the essay a unique angle.

–   Conclusion: This is the last section of the essay that summarises the arguments of the essay and shows a final statement to support your essay.

–   Bibliography or References: When researching credible sources to write your essay, you need to cite them properly. So, check the requirements given by your instructor and use that method to cite sources. It is the most important task because if you ignore it, the essay’s content can potentially fall under plagiarism.

Making a comprehensive outline will help you write a detailed essay. Plus, it will be coherent and relevant as well.

5. Write multiple drafts

Not professionally skilled writers write a perfect essay or assignment in one draft. If you want to write something that holds significance and is valuable, you must rewrite the content many times.

Once you write a complete draft of the essay, leave it for a few days. Take a break from it and then return to check it again. With fresh eyes, you will be able to identify mistakes and errors effectively. Then, you can edit them in later drafts. Moreover, writing multiple drafts makes it easier to identify loopholes and gaps in the arguments so you can make them more persuasive.

6. Edit and proofread several times

Editing is the most important part of writing anything. Just like the multiple drafting process, you need to analyse the mistakes and errors in your writing and remove them to enhance the quality of the essay.

Sometimes, people get used to their writing when they spend a lot of time working on their essays. To avoid that, you can take another peer or professional on board to get it proofread. With proofreading, you can easily check the grammar mistakes, sentence formation and paragraph coherence in the essay. Doing these efforts makes your essay sound professional.

Some Bonus Tips to Make Your Essay Writing Skills Better

If you have followed the above guidelines and you think you still lack something, the following are some additional tips for you.

  1. Get exposed to a wider range of literature and study their writing styles. By studying them closely, you can get ideas and inspiration to make your writing more effective.
  2. Practice writing different types of essays as much as you can. Your skills get polished when you start dipping your toes into practising different essay types.
  3. Give your own touch to the academic writing styles as it sets you apart from other students. Start exploring new viewpoints and arguments that truly depict your opinions about the topic.
  4. You must avoid repetition in the essay as it degrades the quality of your work. The reader gets frustrated easily when the same information is rephrased with additional changes.
  5. Change the sentence structure or length of the phrases to keep the readers engaged with your writing.
  6. You can occasionally use descriptive language and detailing (if it matches the theme and topic of the essay). It will add more diversity and depth to the essay.
  7. Get feedback from professional writers or peers because constructive criticism helps you identify your mistakes that you cannot see yourself.


In a nutshell, there are many factors that come into play when writing essays or assignments. To sharpen your writing skills, you need to practice writing daily and constantly learn new skills to upgrade yourself. Learn about the latest techniques and language intricacies to eliminate language errors. Plus, the most important thing that makes any essay or assignment stand out is the research. So, use every available source to gather relevant data and information and make your work credible. And remember to give credit to the owner by including proper citations.

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