How Your Staff Can Grow Your Reputation and Connect with Your Community

Your brand’s reputation decides how you’re perceived in the marketplace. When it comes to building your business and attracting new leads nothing is more important than your business reputation. It takes consistent efforts and good online build-up to grow your reputation and connect with your community but it takes a couple of negative reviews to tear it down. 

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What people are thinking about your business from products & services to the way it operates, design, quality, customer support, and color combination everything comes under reputation. Building a good reputation could sometimes take years to establish. When it comes to reputation the best way to keep tabs is by being proactive in shaping consumer expectations and keeping a safe distance from events that could damage your reputation. But how do you make the reputation all sparkly and shiny? What should be the marketing strategies? Here we’re sharing a few tips to grow your reputation and connect with your community. 

Timely Follow-up and Follow Through Habits

Following up with customers should be a high-priority component of your marketing strategy. This may sound obvious but think about this: how many times has a vendor promised you something and then didn’t give any follow-up on the product or service? In these situations, you have to follow up yourself and they lose credibility. Now think about someone who promised to give you an update and then actually did. Didn’t that make you feel satisfied with their service? When a business has this habit, it makes them stand out from the crowd. Their customers see them as dependable and reliable individuals while building a trusting relationship. 

Make Others Look Good

Helping others has been seen as an effective approach to enhancing a company’s reputation and connecting with your community. It strengthens the corporate image and increases your sales and profit. Furthermore, aligning your business with a worthy cause can make your customers believe in you. The help doesn’t always have to be in money matters or donations. You can look for ways to help with any big issue, while only asking for small actions. 

To grow your reputation and connect with your community your actions speak louder than your words. To earn your potential customer’s trust, words from your other customers can speak louder in your favor. That is why earning credibility can drastically boost your reputation. You can achieve this by helping others and making them look good and they will likely return the favor. 

Access Sophisticated, Purpose-Built Tools

Brand management of giant firms puts industry tools to work for clients. When you’re using a dedicated purpose-built tool you can grow your reputation and connect with your community more easily. Picktime is a free cloud-based appointment scheduling software designed to serve every business. From business events to health & fitness to education to medical Picktime can work as a multiple service provider.

With its customizable booking page, everyone can book appointments within a few clicks on any device (Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, or Smart TV). It gives the comfort of 24hrs event booking to never miss any client. With multiple location access, you get 24/7 email support with automatic SMS & email reminders all you need to do is sync your calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook) with Picktime calendar.

With Picktime you can have one on one or group bookings with team and customer management features. Not only this you can have an online calendar to access Picktime no matter where you are all your data will be stored in the cloud. There are many other features to explore while using Picktime such as customized booking forms, detailed reports, the book now widget, approve bookings, upfront payment & invoice handling, and 100+ integrations with other business tools. Get a free account today to learn more about the features and plans.

Get Involved in Community Services

Giving back to the community can be beneficial to grow your reputation and connect with your community. Giving back through community services is a win-win for small businesses. In addition, helping the community can help your company gain more exposure and ultimately more business. Some of the ways to get more involved in the community and give back as a business:

  • Donate to local charities
  • Serve on a board
  • Sponsor local events and sports teams
  • Join local chambers of commerce
  • Donate your time
  • Participate in the online community

Small-scale businesses were hit hard during the pandemic crisis, and getting involved in these services can help forge lasting relationships in the community. 

Act with Integrity

Integrity is what you should stick with when you think no one is noticing your business. In the business world, even small decisions taken with greed, selfishness, or jealousy can have serious negative consequences. A good example to make you understand integrity is by taking control of the situation before other markets or media try to use that against you. 

Keep your Promises 

To grow your reputation and connect with your community, never make promises you can’t uphold. Giving false promises opens a door to reputational risk and is hard to bounce back from. Trust is one of the most important factors in any customer journey so don’t over-promise if you can’t over-deliver. Failing to deliver what you promised can drive your customers up the wall and which could lead to bad experience and reviews. 

Never Ignore Feedback

Whether it’s from your employees or customers, never say no to feedback and review. Acknowledge things and take appropriate actions. Feedback and reviews are the way for business owners to have powerful learning about the market, services, operations, leadership gaps, and opportunities to make improvements.

Create a Standout Digital Presence

It’s important to have a clear digital strategy in place in order to grow your reputation and connect with your community. Creating and managing online assets is a big task, consider delegating responsibilities to your most trusted employees. Your online reputation is an amalgamate to stand out in the industry, including

  • Social media mentions
  • Online reviews
  • Guest blogs
  • Media coverage
  • Backlinks

In simple terms, it’s hard to monitor all the places where your online reputation can grow. Have some dedicated resources to work for you and gain comprehensive coverage across all channels. 

Digital advancement has shown a whole new way of showing ourselves to the world. Giving your best in that could be in your best interest to grow your reputation and connect with your community. Be a business that commits to its goals and keeps the promises to live and achieve its mission.

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