How to Make a Laptop Faster

We have all noticed that our laptop starts becoming slow after a certain time of usage. It becomes so slow after a certain time that we cannot use it properly. There are various methods using which you can speed up your laptop. 

We can either optimize our laptop or we can upgrade the components of our laptop.

Let’s look at the steps below to optimize our laptop.

Step 1. Increase the RAM on your laptop

All the applications that run on a computer run on RAM. If your computer is low on RAM then you can upgrade the RAM on your laptop. Usually there are two slots on a laptop and you can upgrade the RAM on your laptop.

If one slow on your laptop is empty then you can double the RAM by buying the same RAM that is installed on your laptop.

If both RAM slots are filled then you can replace the RAM with a bigger one.

Different laptops have different RAM capacity and they can take different types of RAM. So, before buying the RAM check your laptop for compatible RAM.

If your laptop already has full RAM then you have to optimize the RAM.

  1. Remove or kill applications that are consuming more RAM than usual.
  2. Make sure that the number of tabs opened on your browser are limited.

Step 2. Use SSD instead of normal HDD

If your laptop has a normal hard drive then you can upgrade it to SSD. SSD are much faster than normal hard drives and it will help you to run your laptop faster. 

Step 3. Defragment your hard drive

If you do not want to upgrade your hard drive then you can defragment the hard drive. Defragmentation process will arrange the data in a proper way that will help the computer to read and write the data faster.

Step 5. Disable start-up items 

Application that runs on startup uses RAM and CPU. If there are many applications running at startup then it will slow down the computer. To make your laptop run faster you have to disable unwanted items running at startup. 

Step 6. Overclocking the CPU or GPU

If your laptop supports overclocking then you can overclock your CPU and GPU (if your laptop has) to increase its performance. 

Step 7. Update the drivers on your laptop

Updating outdated drives will improve the performance of your computer and make it run faster. You can manually update the outdated drivers or you can use third party driver updater programs for updating the drivers.

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Step 8. Update the Operating System

Operating systems get regular updates that improve the system performance. Make sure that the Operating System installed on your laptop is updated.

Step 9. Clean and optimize the registry

Cleaning the registry and optimizing it will improve the performance of your laptop and will help it to run faster.

Step 10. Clean-up the infection on your laptop

System performance decreases when it is infected by viruses or malwares. If your computer is slow then you should check for the infections on your laptop. There are different free and paid antivirus programs available using which you can clean your laptop and make it run faster. 

Step 11. Remove dirt from your laptop

Many times, it happens that the vents on the laptop get clogged up. You need to keep your laptop clean so it does not heat up.

Step 12. Remove applications from running at startup:

If there are many applications running in the background on your laptop then it will make your system slower. Make sure there are no unnecessary applications running in the background.

Other ways make laptops faster.

Cleaning up the laptop is a great way of speeding up your laptop. There are different ways using which you can clean-up your laptop and make it faster.

System clean-up will also improve the performance of your laptop and you can use it without any problem.

Let’s look at the steps below to clean up your laptop and make it faster.

Step 1. Use Disk Cleanup to Clean The System

Disk clean-up is a cleaning utility that comes installed with windows. You can run the utility and it will scan the drive you have selected and will show you the files that can be deleted.

Step 2. Use System Optimization suite to Optimize the System

There are different system optimization applications available on the internet. These system optimization suites will help you to optimize the system easily.

You can use Advanced System Optimizer for optimizing your laptop.

You can know more about the program from the link below:

Step 3. Remove Large and obsolete files

For cleaning up the system you have to delete old and large files from your system. you can remove unnecessary files from your laptop and free up the space on it. By freeing up the space on the laptop you can make it faster.

Step 4. Completely remove the application you do not need 

All the applications installed on your laptop take resources. Once you uninstall all the unwanted applications from your computer then it will free up the space on your computer. Also, you can remove the applications that are consuming RAM.

Step 5. Remove Duplicate Files From your Laptop

You can remove duplicate files to make more space on your laptop. There are different programs available on the internet that will help you to remove the duplicate files from your laptop.

You can use Duplicate Files Fixer to remove duplicate files from your laptop.


To make your laptop run faster you have to clean it up regularly and upgrade it if necessary. To clean-up the laptop you can use the system optimization suite. You can also physically clean up your computer to make it cooler and faster.

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