How to Get Your Music Signed and Get More SoundCloud Plays?

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Finally, you have created your exceptional soundtracks and finished all editing as you could. Now you have to share your best work with the world. You are lucky because you are part of a digital world where it is easy to share your creation and a wide variety of SoundCloud Plays.

You don’t need to send your samples to different record companies and even don’t need to associate with singing contests. Besides, don’t need to perform other songs despite your own creation. Digital media has created various online tools, and SoundCloud is one of them.

Why choose SoundCloud?

However, there are some clashes regarding the effective use of SoundCloud. But undeniably, SoundCloud has made it easier for ambitious musicians. Below here are a few advantages of SoundCloud.

  • It reveals fresh and experienced artists among a vast audience that helps to increase the fan base. This audience serves to promote music.
  • Artists can earn cash from their uploaded soundtracks. However, they don’t receive royalties like other artists contracted under companies. But they can be compensated by selling their soundtracks through the monetization program on SoundCloud.
  • Musicians interact and team up with others, particularly those with an extensive fan following. They enhance exposure and confirm attracting new audiences to their SoundCloud profile.

If you are not convinced, browse famous musicians on how they made their careers through SoundCloud. You will wonder to see big names in the music industry. So, ready to play this wild card, improve your tracks, and make it as big as you need?

How can you get noticed by others through your soundtracks? There are a few unique methods to spread your tracks like fire in the music world via SoundCloud.

Different methods to earn followers on SoundCloud


There are a few strategies that will help you to earn real followers and SoundCloud plays. Remember that no one technique is too easy to quick fix because it takes enough time to build a real audience. But if you practice these policies wisely, your music will hear every ear.

  • Rare music always stands first

It is an obvious thing because exceptional music grows your account automatically. Unique music automatically speaks for itself among listeners because when it is on the internet, it will spread everywhere. Undoubtedly, the music network is overloaded, so pleasant music is not enough. To make a place distinct, you must create something great.

Unluckily, many musicians make twisted in the entire process. They created their own music with a handful of songs, upload them, and wait for a miracle. Remember, overnight success has no reality, and it misleads many people.

  • Add metadata to your soundtrack

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Before sharing your music, confirm all relevant information regarding significant metadata on SoundCloud. It is because the SoundCloud algorithm relies on metadata in the user feed. Thus, perfect uploading of your track, including metadata, will access more reach and mean more audience.

  • Build own community

It is an old saying that to get little, give a little. To become a creator is not enough on SoundCloud, also think like a consumer. It will help to interact with other artists and enhance your exposure to new music. Follow these ways to build community.

  • Increasing engagement is essential for you. If you don’t have a great fanbase, start interacting with other artists of the same theme. Consume extra time to listen to other artists’ music and notice what is trending in the music industry. You will gain more followers when you sit silently and understand other artists’ music. Join also least followers account, but comment and listen thoughtfully. These interactions will create a relationship and joint support.
  • Another way is listening to your followers because, before creating something, you need to explore creators. If several listeners give you suggestions to improve your sound, welcome this feedback and bring more creativity. Listeners are always excited to see the overall journey of music creation, so add in your tracks to provoke followers.
  • Promotions circles are also a significant source for interacting with other artists with mutual support. These channels are a dominant source to access individual creators but depend on grouping. Besides, the artist doesn’t need to buy SoundCloud followers because everyone in the promotion circle will promote each other music.
  • Collaboration is a significant factor when you are on SoundCloud or creating for the first time interacting with other musicians. Whether you are in touch with other musicians or creating soundtracks with your own circles, other artists provide an option to grow in the music industry in a new way. The cross promotion has a strong power over popular tracks.

Final verdict:

Focus on your creating for the long last career and increase followers. However, growing SoundCloud plays is not a straightforward task, but it expands the success rate by creating unique music.

When you blend musical creativity with superb marketing techniques, your music will not only hear but spread among listeners like fire in the forest. Enjoy music with great marketing.

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