How to Find Liked Reels on Facebook: Quick and Easy Way!

Facebook is One of the better realized and broadly used social networking platforms. You could make an account without spending time. It helps you to stay related to your pals and circle of relatives. Over the years, Facebook has made many efforts to enhance its capabilities.

Facebook came up with the advent of Reels as there has been already big competition with TikTok and Instagram. Do you want to recognize how to see preferred reels on FB? Many human beings frequently have hassles with the way to locate liked reels on Facebook.

You could make quick videos on Facebook which might be called Reels. You can make amusing and thrilling content material using music, audio, AR impact, textual content, overlays, and lots more.

You can edit or add results in step with your choices. You can also add stickers and texts to make your Facebook reels extra happening.

If you also are wondering how to find appreciated reels on Facebook then you are at the proper place. There’s nothing to fear about.

You can truly try this by using going to settings and checking the activity log in which you could see all of your Facebook posts.

This article will provide you with all of the information you need to recognize how to find liked reels on Facebook.

How To Find Liked Reels On Facebook?

To locate favored reels on Facebook, visit settings and privateness > Activity log > Likes and reactions > All Facebook posts

Let’s realize the way to view appreciated reels on Facebook. There are so usually whilst you experience like going lower back to look at the reel that you preferred before however, you haven’t stored it.

This can be a bit frustrating whilst you are not able to locate the reel that you appreciated earlier.

If you furthermore may need to discover appreciated reels on Facebook then there’s not nothing to worry approximately. You can observe the given steps to find preferred reels on Facebook:

  • Step 1: Go to the menu tab after which click on settings and privacy. Go to settings
  • Step 2: You can scroll down and then click on the “Activity log” that is present below the “your records” section
  • Step 3: On the activity log web page, click on the drop-down menu that is next to interactions. Click on “likes and reactions”
  • Step 4: Here you could have get admission to all of the Facebook posts that include your preferred reels on Facebook and also the reels you’ve got reacted to.
  • Step 5: To see the liked reel, you need to click on the 3 dots that are gifts subsequent to the pastime and click on view.

By following these simple steps you can remedy your issue of a way to see who liked my reels on Facebook. There’s no option to filter out your preferred reels but still, you could use this technique to locate preferred reels on Facebook.

How To Find Your Saved Reels On Facebook?

To find your saved reels on Facebook go to the app > Click on reels > Profile image > Saved reels

If you want to find your saved reels on Facebook then you may simply follow the given steps on how to see your liked reels on Facebook:

  • Step 1: First you have to ensure that you have the modern-day version of Facebook
  • Step 2: You have to visit the Facebook app and click on reels
  • Step 3: On the higher facet corner, click on your Facebook profile picture
  • Step 4: To see all of your stored reels, click on the “Saved Reels” alternative

Wrapping Up

If you also wanted to realize the way to locate appreciated reels on Facebook then we were given you covered. This article will offer you all of the required steps which are wished the way to discover reels you liked on Facebook.

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