How to Collect Data for Writing a Scientific Research Paper 

Are you working on a research project? So, you must also be working on its data collection. 

It is the most critical part of any research project, and in a scientific project, it goes through a number of research phases. It is tiring as well and there is a lot to do in it. In medical research, it is necessary to have effective research with accurate data, reliable sources, and valid references. 

There are various types of data collection methods depending on the purpose of your research. Some of them are based on consumers, and some are on the market.  

Types of Data Collection Methods in Statistics 

Typically, two main types of data collection methods are used, 

  • Primary Data Collection 

Primary data collection directly comes from the source of an individual. It is the raw and fresh information, what makes it more accurate is the further dissection of the data, and that is carried out by a secondary method. 

  • Secondary Data Collection

It is the type of data used by the researchers and is a part of papers, and literary articles. They are published sources of information including public records, government reports, and databases.  

How to Choose a Suitable Data Collection Method 

  • Primary Data Collection Method 

Here are some of the basic primary data collection methods, 


It includes a one-on-one conversation with an individual. It has data based on the conversation and how the questions were answered. They are used in qualitative data collection providing insight to people’s experiences, perceptions, and opinions. 


It is more like a psychological approach where a human and their actions are observed. They are a useful method of collecting data as they study people in a natural environment. It is easier to carry out observation rather than interviews, and physical activities. 

Surveys are another interesting type of approach to data collection. They are a research-based questionnaire. The data is collected to read patient information, doctors, researchers, and other parties involved; it also goes through the process of learning behavior, and experiences. 

Focus Groups 

More than one person gathers together in the form of a group and asks questions. Everyone comes up with their points, tells their stories, and shares experiences. The focus group invites people from different settings and demography. This type of data collection allows you to get information easily and you do not have to go the extra mile. 


It is the same type as the survey, but it uses an electronic method and is easily accessible to everyone. The online form method speeds up the data collection process. You can share the online forms easily through email, messaging, social media platforms, or websites. The results collected are much better and people are also attracted to them due to their convenience. 

  • Secondary Data Collection Method 

Online Tracking 

It looks up all the tendencies of a patient, and from this method, you can check their likes, and dislikes when they visit, and which products they like the most. 

Social Media Monitoring 

Social media never goes out of fashion and is one of the interesting methods to use. Your patients are everywhere and have access to social media. Social media also have their analytics and through that, you can target your potential followers. 


Multiple researched questions can be added to ask dome critical, and important questions. It is similar to forms but uses a more manual approach. If you are short on time and do not find enough to create a questionnaire, Professional Medical Ghostwriting Services are also helpful.

Literature Review

A literature review involves reviewing the published articles available. These articles are available online, at libraries, through locked journals, and at research centers. This follows synthesizing them and writing a review on them. 

How to Close on the Right Data Collection Method 

It is important to come up with the most apt method in data to have verified and credible research. Medical researchers are intricate due to their intensity and should be taken seriously before making any decisions. 

 A data analysis will help in keeping the important data, and excluding all the unnecessary information that does not meet the criteria of the scientific research paper.  You also have to look for other measures in the process such as research question, population, time, and resources. 

If you are short on time, and looking for more enhanced, short, and a top method, go for surveys and forms. 

In the end, 

The data collection method is not an easy game. It involves more than a testing method to carry on. Scientific research is more prone as there are some conundrums attached to it. It is a critical part involving the aspects of human, medical, and research. Many researchers use primary as well as secondary research data methods to collect data. 

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