How to Become an Online Tutor without Having a bachelor’s degree

Teaching is not a simple job that everyone can switch to see a good success in the career. There are too many hurdles that you will find on the way to adopt teaching as your career. You have to be well read and learnt and must be able to coordinate with children’s mind effectively. At the same time, it is also crucial for a teacher that he is able to solve the riddles and puzzles like five letter words ending in ose. There are people who have a passion of teaching in them but still fail to realize their dram because of not having a pertinent certificate for teaching. So here we will guide you to become an online tutor even if you do not have a bachelor’s certificate in your hand. Have a look on the following ways that can help you to secure the job of an online tutor without any certificate.

How to Become an Online Tutor without Having a Bachelor's Degree

Is it possible to become online tutor without bachelor’s degree?

Well, we can see majority of the online platforms are asking for the bachelor’s certificate as minimum qualification when it comes to teach through digital platform. Under such scenario teaching without a certificate seems a dream that cannot be realized on any ground. But that is not the case in reality. We can easily become an online tutor if we have teaching passion and skills without a bachelor certificate also.

Tips to become an online teacher without any degree

Have a look on the tips that can help you to become an online tutor without having any certificate. So, if you are looking for a teaching job digital platform without holding any certificate in your hands then following tips can turn out beneficial for you.

1. Register with platforms that focus on teaching skills

The primary thing that you can do to chase a teaching job without certificate is to register with a platform that focus on teaching skills. There are teaching platforms which are not very much obsessed with the certificates and rather focus on the skills of the person. Under such scenario such platforms can turn out really beneficial for you to become a digital tutor. Make sure that you are not choosing those sites which are not authentic and not paying to the tutors timely. Always choose by doing a lot of research to manage a good job for you in this profession.

2. Get TEFL Certification to teach English

The next and very important thing that you need to keep in mind while managing a job of online tutor is getting certification from TEFL certification. TEFL stands for teaching English for foreign languages where you can teach English to the people as English tutor both digital and offline as well. Just enroll yourself for a short crash course in TEFL and you can see a job in your hand after few days. That is the benefit of chasing this platform when you do not have any professional teaching certificate to join as a teacher. TEFL certification is considered very fruitful for such teachers.

3. Build your own teaching platform

The next thing that you can practice is to build your own teaching platform in this context. You can create a teaching platform and can hire people for the same. That is how you do not have to bother about teaching with a certificate for the same. This is one of the most pertinent and exclusive way to become a tutor without any teaching degree. It does not cost much to embark on such teaching venture when you have a passion for teaching and great skills for the same.

4. You can mark pursuing status for your bachelor’s degree

 The last but very important thing that can get you a job of online teacher is to mark your status as pursuing bachelor’s degree. If you have not completed your degree yet but pursuing it from a college or university that you can mark this status as well. There are many students who are teaching even when they are completing their studies. You can also try out this method in order to see the variety of options on your way to become an online teacher. So do not miss out such opportunities and even majority of the sites will accept you as teacher if you are pursing the degree.


So, this is how one can manage to become an online teacher easily without any certificate. There are too many people who fail to realize their dream of teaching even if they are very skilled and passionate towards this profession. As a result of which it is very important that you are following the above tips to secure a teaching job for you even when you do not have any certificate in your hand.

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