How to Backup Mailbox Zimbra to Office 365?

Are you searching a solution for how to backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365? Not to worry, go through the segment completely and after that you will be able to quickly backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365 with emails, calendars, briefcase, contacts, and other items.

Zimbra is a widely used application which is quite well-known as ZCS i.e. Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Many users are using its services for managing their large database. However, Zimbra is considered as one of the oldest and most used application. It has gained a lot of popularity for offers multiple services to users such as Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Email Server, and Zimbra Desktop. However, Zimbra Desktop services are now discontinued by Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Email Server are still in use by several organizations and individuals.

However, slowly, several businesses are transferring their account from Zimbra to Office 365. And the reason is simple.

In today’s era, lot of businesses crave for powerful and simple platform. And, Office 365 is the application which delivers easy manageable platform with robust security measures.

Office 365 is a Microsoft introduced subscription-based cloud program that provide all the tools which are available in the desktop version of Microsoft Office Suite. One can quickly create an account on the same and access Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Spreadsheet, and other application from anywhere.

Currently, many people are really in love with the program and really impressed with the facilities it is delivering to its customers.

How to Backup Mailbox Zimbra to Office 365?

The simple and safe way to backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365 is CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. An excellent and brilliant method that directly backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365 with all the data items. The software is easy, reliable, and secure. Any business as well as individual can easily operate it and perform the migration in a minimum time.

One of the amazing property of the tool is that it allow users to take the backup of Zimbra On-Premise mailboxes as well as Zimbra Cloud Hosted mailboxes.

In other words, if a user is having TGZ files or extracted TGZ data, then one can choose Zimbra On-Premise Mailbox option and continue with the migration process. And if a user is having Zimbra Webmail account, then the second option i.e. Zimbra Cloud Hosted mailboxes will prove useful.

Moreover, the application is equipped with number of features with the help of users can backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365 according to their requirements. However, one can use the free demo version of the software and analyse the working of the tool for free.

Working Steps to Backup Mailbox Zimbra to Office 365

Step 1. Download and open CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Tool on the system. Now, select the necessary option and click on Next.

Note. Here we have discussed the further steps according to the first option i.e. Zimbra On-Premise mailboxes.

image 10

Step 2. Click on Add File(s) button appearing on the top-left of the software window.

image 12

Step 3. Use Add TGZ File to add the required few TGZ files on the tool. Choose Add Folder button to add a folder containing multiple TGZ files. Or click on Extracted TGZ File to add extracted items of TGZ on the software for migration and click on OK button.

image 14

Step 4. The software will scan the selected files and list them quickly on the tool with checkboxes.

image 15

Step 5. You can click the required item to list its files on the software. Now, tap the necessary listed file and check its content in a Preview window.

image 17

Step 6. Go to Export. Click Select Saving Options. Choose Office 365 from the menu.

image 18

Step 7. Provide Office 365 email address. Select I am Admin option if you are providing the admin account details. Set categories, filters, and other options as per need. Click Connect.

image 19

Step 8. In Microsoft login screen, specify the password of provided Office 365 account and click on Next.

image 20

Note. If the admin account credentials are added, then the application will show Mailbox Mapping screen in which one wants to add a CSV file carrying multiple Zimbra account details. This will help in implementing the batch migration of Zimbra mailboxes. However, if single user details are added, then the tool will right away start the backup process of Zimbra mailboxes.

Step 9. Check the live migration of Zimbra mailboxes appearing on the screen.

Step 10. Process finishes with a message “Conversion Completed Successfully”. Click on the OK button to close the pop-up.

image 21

Now, you can go to Office 365 account to view the resultant database. However, the entire data will be perfect and all the details will also appear without any alteration.


The blog has explained an advanced procedure to backup mailbox Zimbra to Office 365 with emails, contacts, calendars, briefcases, and other items. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a solution with impeccable working and solid features. It has fast migration process and delivers the result in a minimum time. Download the trial edition now and backup first 25 Zimbra files to Office 365 free of cost.

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