How MSMEs can Benefit from Google My Business?

People’s dependence on the internet is growing over time. If they have to shop, they search for local stores with the best deals or carefully read customer reviews before making a purchase. This is an example of how people shop today. So, MSMEs create Google My Business (GMB) Profiles to promote their business. 

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Returning to the GMB profile, business owners should understand its importance since local customers can easily find nearby businesses through their GMB profiles. Additionally, the review and comment section aids in captivating profile visitors.

The most effective method for promoting firms nowadays is through a well-known, international web platform like google. So, create your company profile right away. Don’t blend in – Stand out in the crowd.

Let us understand in detail. 

What is Google My Business Profile?

Google My Business (GMB) is a business account that manages MSMEs’ business operations. When creating a Google account, MSMEs can create their business accounts by selecting the option “To Manage My Business” rather than “For Myself.” Business owners can use this account to enhance their business by setting up a Google Business Profile. MSMEs can advertise their goods and services as well as details about their locations, hours of operation, and home delivery methods.

MSMEs need to know that Google My Business Profile does not automatically build a business profile. Instead, business owners must add helpful details and graphics to customise it to their tastes.

How to create a Google My Business Profile?

It’s simple to create a Google My Business Account. MSMEs only need to invest a short time to link their free business profiles to their Google business accounts. All they need is a phone with an internet connection. For this, MSMEs should have a Google account (email address). If not, they can quickly create one.

10 Steps to Create Your Google Business Profile

  1. Visit the Google Business Profile website.
  2. Log into your Business Account.
  3. Select “Manage Now”
  4. In the search bar, put the name of your business or company. Google may already have it. In this case, click the profile and choose “Request Access.” Click “Add Your Business to Google” if it doesn’t.
  5. Select “Yes” if your company has a physical location and enter the address. If not, select “No.” 
  6. Select “Yes” if you provide ‘Home Delivery’. Indicate the areas where you deliver. 
  7. Add your businesses’ contact details and a messaging option (to receive messages).
  8. Add working hours.  
  9. Describe your company. 
  10. Add images.


How does a Google My Business account help MSMEs?

Google Business Profile aims to build a platform on which any business can advertise its goods and services. However, due to the high cost of advertising, MSMEs often need help. But now, they can easily reach audiences through this free account and have their business reviewed.

  • MSMEs can share the most recent news on their business. They could, for instance, inform the audiences about upcoming sales, a new dish on the menu, or extended business hours.
  • MSMEs can now appear in search results for audiences or on Google Maps, thanks to the sophisticated technology of GMB. For instance, these businesses appear on the screen when someone searches for bakeries nearby, shoe stores, or any other store. 
  • MSMEs may readily access and alter the data that Google displays. This keeps their customers informed.
  • MSMEs may gather testimonials through the Google My Business Account tool. Gaining the customers’ trust may be possible by using positive Google reviews. 
  • GMB gives business owners access to keyword services. As a result, business profiles of some particular MSMEs may show up in search results when individuals use such terms.
  • GMB’s chat and phone alternatives permit customers to ask questions about a business. This act might also have a favourable impact.


MSMEs may find great success using Google My Business Accounts. All small and large businesses are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity. So why wait? MSMEs can access the internet anytime and wherever they choose to create their profiles. Begin right away!

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