Here’s Why Your Car’s Steering Shakes Consistently.

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Steering shakes are quite an unusual experience. Unusual shakes often feel horrible, especially at high speeds.

However, shaking in the steering usually highlights some underlying issues. Ignoring steering vibrations can allow many underlying issues to grow into larger problems for your car.

But, do you know the real causes behind the scenes? However, because multiple parts can cause this, finding the root cause can be both frustrating and time-consuming for even the most experienced technicians.

These points will surely help you update yourself about the causes of concern if your vehicle has a vibrating steering.

Is it warped brake rotors?

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You experience some sort of sharp vibration while slowing down or stopping the vehicle. This highlights the warped brake rotors.

Your brake rotors must be flat and smooth in order to give the brake pads a stable surface. The metal of your rotors becomes malleable due to the heat produced by the brake pads rubbing against them constantly. Your rotors may eventually bend under this pressure, especially if you don’t maintain regular brake pad replacements.

Therefore, bent brake rotors frequently don’t offer the right surface for pads to make enough friction, leading to them being quite shaky.

Fortunately, a simple brake rotor replacement is an easy remedy to this problem. However, the steering wheel shaking is a tell-tale sign of worn brake rotors. You can opt for a mechanic’s help at Service My Car to be sure about the problem.

If you know of such a problem well before it gets worse, there is always some sort of remediation available in the form of resurfacing.

Are these worn wheel bearings?

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You might experience smoothness while slowing down or at the time of braking. But, there is a full-fledged vibration during a turn. This is due to a damaged wheel bearing or a lack of lubrication.

Wheel bearings may become worn from frequent use of unpaved roads or harmed from high-speed contact with potholes, speed bumps, or curbs. Wheel bearing wear can also be unnecessarily increased by changes to the steering and suspension systems.

However, if you notice any kind of noise coming out of a shaky steering wheel, and it gets louder while accelerating, this is a sure sign of a worn wheel bearing. In some cases, a malfunctioning ABS sensor can be a serious offender to your vehicle too.

If you want to be sure about the problem, there is a test you can perform. It requires you to change lanes while driving, and there will be some sort of noise when you move in one direction. However, the noise gets a bit louder during a direction change.

If the noise changes as the direction are changed, the front wheel bearing is probably to blame. Whichever way you turned, it indicates which wheel bearing may require replacement. For instance, turning left increased the weight load on the right side, and turning right increased it on the left. The right front wheel bearing may be to blame if the noise gets louder when turning to the left.

When there are indications of wear or damage, you should go for wheel bearings replacement right away. When driving, a damaged wheel bearing that completely fails could cause the wheel to seize and cause catastrophic damage.

Get a specialized service by an expert at Service My Car.

Is it suspension damage?


The suspension has its own importance in keeping a vehicle in a comfortable state so that passenger can feel minimal shakes on bad roads or crossing a bump.

However, even a tiny looseness in a suspension component is enough to make a vehicle shaky during a drive. This also affects the vehicle’s control as well as balance. If there is no brake issue or worn wheel bearing, just try to inspect the suspension components. You can take help of a professional mechanic at Service My Car for complex issues such as suspension damage. There would be a huge number of components to deal including upper or lower ball joints, tie rod ends and bushings etc. If you are also looking for the best toyota servicing and repair, then look no further than Service My Car. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best toyota repair manchester.

Are the tyres of your vehicle out of balance?

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A tyre is initially mounted over the wheel; it typically evenly distributes weight throughout the wheel. However, when a tyre runs at a high speed, the weight distribution may become off balance over time and cause problems.

At high speeds, even a slight imbalance in weight can result in a significant imbalance in the force that pushes the wheel and tyre assembly in one direction or another. This frequently results in a vibration in the vehicle as well, which could result in uneven and harmful tyre wear.

Otherwise, it is the improper wheel alignment that gives you those vibrations, especially at high speeds. However, you can deal with these vibrations by opting for a wheel alignment at Service My Car and a car key maker near me. Moreover, you should go for a tyre balance to get everything riding smoothly and get rid of those vibrations.

Service My Car is a one-stop-solution for perfect remediation to a number of automobile problems. However, you should come to your nearest workshop of Service My Car after booking a car service online on our app. You can also order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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