A Guide For Scratch-Free Bike Washing At Home

Scratch Free Bike Washing at home is easy with a few accessories and steps, and this article will precisely point out these hacks to help you!

A Scratch in your bike can ruin the experience of driving. It can damage your mood and day, so you must be careful about your bike when driving on rough terrains. This piece of writing throws light on scratch-free bike washing at home. It will teach you how to remove scratches from your bike. 

Fixing scratches in your bike is not a complicated task, and you can achieve it by some steps mentioned in this article. As you take care of your bike paddock stand and multiple other accessories for your bike, you must also take care of the scratches. 

When looking for motorcycle accessories, you should also pay attention to some items in your home that can help you remove the scratches from the bike. There are always options for purchasing the best accessories from online websites, but the commonly found items around the house can also help clean scratches from your bike. 

How To Achieve Scratch-Free Bike Washing At Home?

We will highlight a few steps below that can help you eliminate scratches from your bike by using homemade products. 

Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of the best items to help you remove the scratches from your bike and wash it ideally. Apart from being your fingernail friend, nail polish can also save your day whenever there is an ugly scratch on the bike. It is one of the best solutions when looking forward to a product covering marks. 

Identify the colour nearest to your bike, purchase a nail polish of the same colour, clean the scratch area, and apply the nail polish evenly. Wait some time to dry the nail polish, and then wash your bike with mild shampoo and water. The nail polish will stick to the surface of your bike and will not wear off after you wash your bike with shampoo and water. 


For mild scratches on your bike’s paint, using wax from candles is one of the best ways to cover the blemishes and make them invisible in the long term. Start by cleaning the region with water and allow it to dry. Now take candle wax and rub it on the scratch area. It will form a thin coat and seal and cover the unwanted scratch. The wax from candles is a short-term solution, but you need to repeat the process now and then and continue with the procedure to consider a permanent solution later. 


There are maximum toothpaste formulas utilising ingredients that you can apply to remove minor scratches on bikes. It will work as a tool that can help remove unwanted scratch marks whenever you want to eliminate them quickly. One of the best choices is considered teeth whitening toothpaste for eliminating bike scratches. 

You need to wash the affected region with soap and water, and then after it dries, you need to apply toothpaste on paper towels and rub the area. Now use another towel to remove the toothpaste’s residue and check if the scratches are removed. Continue repeating the process until the scratch is entirely removed. 

Automobile Paint

Automobile paint is one of the best options if you want to clean your bike and apply the paint to eliminate the scratches professionally. There are multiple websites available online that sell automobile paint based on urethane. Ensure that the region you want to remove the scratch is free from any dust particles, wash your bike, and ultimately put the automobile paint. 

Finding the best automobile paint with the perfect colours for the bike can take time and effort. But there are multiple websites selling automobile paints utilising touch-up purposes, which can also be an alternative. You can also visit your nearest store and discover whether or not they have the perfect paint colors for your bike. 


Sandpaper is another option to eliminate the scratch mark on your bike. You can combine sandpaper with shoe polish by cleaning your motorcycle and washing it thoroughly so that you can see the scratch. Pick the option for shoe polish with a shade darker than the bike paint. Apply shoe polish to the surface and spread it on the area so that you can use sandpaper for rubbing the regions around it. You can rub the area until the entire shoe polish disappears, and you can do the process using a microfiber towel or clean cloth. 


Always prepare the region where the scratch marks are there before carrying out any repair option. It was a guide to scratch-free bike washing at home that incorporates removing just entered particles so you can get a clear view of the scratch mark. Visit Carorbis for the perfect accessories and automobile paint that one can use for cleaning scratch marks and removing them from your bike. 

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