Future of Marketing | Five Areas to Prioritize in 2023 

Technology continues to change and evolve, giving vent to advanced forms of technology that make your work efficient and swift. Each year, Internet Companies selling packages like Cox cable packages recognize marketing trends that come and go like a gust of wind. In the topsy-turvy state of technological evolution, companies must continue adapting and evolving their marketing strategies with the changing times.  

From escape game businesses to clothing brands, marketing is an essential factor that restricts the success of prospective brands on local and global scales. In the coming year, the emergence of new technologies and a change in customer behavior will underline specific changes in marketing. Through this article, we have compiled five crucial areas your marketing strategies need to look into to help you gain the upper hand in the rat race of competition in the markets.  

Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing has gradually stepped up in the marketing practice of different businesses since 2022, and the trend will also hold a steady pace in the coming year! Estimates reveal that approximately 89% of marketers worldwide will likely maintain their engagement and investments in influencer marketing.  


There are even chances of marketers increasing their overall investments in the same arena. The above remains true of marketers who have already invested in influencer marketing. On the other hand, there is an immense possibility of approximately 17% of marketers investing in it for the very first time in the coming year.  


Influencer marketing bridges the gap between influencers and businesses in the same industry and allows for collaboration. It will enable companies to increase brand awareness swiftly and, in turn, maximizes their profits gradually.  


Video-based Content 

Social media marketing has gradually led to the creation of video-based content as a crucial area. Video-based content is beneficial because it can easily attract the audience’s attention.  


It can also help brands hold onto their audience’s attention for more extended periods than any other form of content. The usage of small one-minute videos has started to gain much popularity over different social media channels.  


Online businesses worldwide are utilizing the same capability to drive greater audience engagement and increase their brand awareness. The notion of short videos has already gained momentum this year and will continue to grow evermore in the coming year.  


Social media in customer service  

Using social media as a customer service tool is still a relatively new trend and has started to gain vitality ever since. It is common to find several marketers relying on DMs or Direct Messages as an efficient vehicle to offer customer service. While more than a quarter of marketers are already using it, approximately 15% of marketers may start working on it in the coming year.  


The emergence of social media to offer customer service directly converges with the development of popular social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. One must also note that customers find it desirable to communicate with brands directly via DMs.  

The trend is mainly observed amongst the millennials and gen Z crowd. Hence, even in the coming year, social media, as a viable customer service mode, will experience even further growth.  


 Agile Marketing 

Agile marketing refers to an efficient marketing approach developed by Agile methodology. It includes using rapid iterations in work rather than working on one big project.  


The notion of Agile marketing focuses inherently on the idea of real-time collaboration. It is designed to allow marketers to respond swiftly to changes. Further use of agile marketing tactics in the coming year will help prospective businesses to inculcate greater flexibility in adapting to changes in iterative planning.  


It will enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and offer better transparency through visualized workflows and frequently arranged touchpoints. Agile marketing will further allow prospective companies to focus more on customer value and business outcomes.  


Mobile Optimization 

While mobile optimization has already become a vital practice to several businesses worldwide, the need for the same will continue to grow in 2023. Since customers continue spending more of their time on mobile phones, the demand for mobile user-optimized websites grows immensely.  

Data shows that over half of the annual online website traffic comes from mobile phones. Especially with gen Z users and the growing reliance on mobile phones, the notion of mobile-optimized digital experiences will become a crucial factor for businesses. Working on it will allow marketers to offer customers a fast-paced and highly connected digital experience.  


The vitality of mobile experiences is not only restricted to brand websites but is also vital for several other digital marketing tactics. For instance, more than half of marketers who work on email marketing need to focus on mobile optimization. Hence, the need for online businesses to offer mobile-optimized digital experiences will continue to grow and spread in the coming year.  


These are the five vital areas that marketers in any online business need to prioritize. So, go ahead and start working on these critical areas to maximize your reach in the market and nail more sales!  




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