Functional Protein Market Size, and Forecast by 2028

The global functional protein market is expected to rise in the coming years, owing to the increasing demand for plant-based proteins and awareness about healthy dietary supplement consumption. Fortune Business Insights™ publishes this information in a report titled, “Functional Protein Market, 2021-2028”. As per the report, the functional protein market size was USD 5.24 billion in 2020. The market size is expected to rise from USD 6.20 billion in 2021 to USD 15.98 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 14.48% during the forecast period of 2021-2028.

Functional proteins allow repairing and building body tissues and coordinate bodily functions by encouraging metabolic reactions to take place efficiently. These proteins provide a structural framework to the body and maintain proper pH and fluid balance. Rising demand for plant-based proteins and dietary supplements to adopt a healthy lifestyle is likely to fuel the market growth during the forecast period.

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COVID-19 Impact:

Rising Health Awareness Bolstered Product Demand Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The widespread COVID-19 virus has affected the growth of various industries. However, the healthcare industry had a positive impact of the pandemic where people adopted healthy eating habits, which bolstered product demand. Rising awareness regarding the benefits of consuming dietary supplements and plant-based proteins during the pandemic supported market expansion. Also, these benefits increased consumer preference towards the product for health, wellness, and sustainability of the proteins.


Rising Protein Utilization in Meat & Poultry Application to Stimulate Growth

By source, the market is bifurcated into animal and plant-based proteins.

Based on the application, the market trifurcated into functional food & beverages, animal feed, and dietary supplements.

Finally, by geography, the market is categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East & Africa.

Report Coverage:

The report provides complete information and factual data regarding market development and recent trends in product development strategies. Also, the report sheds light on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on market growth and industrial expansion globally. Furthermore, drivers and restraints affecting market development in segmented regions are highlighted in the report. Key market players and their business development strategy are discussed further, along with key industrial development in recent years.

Drivers & Restraints:

Rising Demand for Plant-Based Protein to Fuel Market

The market is expected to witness a high growth rate in the coming years due to the increasing consumption of dietary supplements and rising demand for plant-based proteins. These proteins are considered prominent alternatives to meat products to provide adequate protein. Consumers are willing to invest in health supplements and improve their immune systems to fight against viruses. Increasing demands for these proteins in competitive sports, body toning, and muscle-building activities are expected to drive the market during the projected period. These factors will likely ensure functional protein market growth in the coming years.

However, animal welfare sentiments may hinder the protein production sourced from the animal segment.

Regional Insights:

Asia Pacific Dominates Market Due to Rising Population

Asia Pacific dominates the global functional protein market share, where the region held its position by holding USD 1.82 billion in 2020. Increasing population and economic growth are attributed to exhibit exponential market growth in the coming years. Furthermore, rising income levels and increasing spending capacity of the population are anticipated to drive the market during the forecast period.

North America is expected to hold the second-largest global market share due to the rising dietary supplements consumption among the population. Increasing demand for these proteins on a daily basis is likely to boost the market and propel growth.

Competitive Landscape:

Innovative Product Development Allow Key Players to Sustain Market Position

Key players in the market focus on implementing innovative product development and differentiation strategies to propel growth and gain a competitive advantage. Also, the major companies focus on implementing growth strategies such as partnerships, alliances, acquisitions, and mergers.

Industry Developments:

  • July 2021: ADM acquired Soja protein, a popular European producer of non-GMO soy ingredients. This acquisition underlines the expansion of ADM’s global alternative protein portfolio.
  • May 2020: Unilever entered into a partnership with food-tech firm ENOUGH to launch new plant-based meat products to market. The new product ABUNDA mycoprotein is a food ingredient containing essential amino acids and is high in dietary fiber.

List of Key Players Profiled in Market Report for Functional Protein:

  • DuPont Nutrition (U.S.)
  • Essentia Protein Solutions (U.S.)
  • Glanbia plc (Ireland)
  • ProtiFarm (Netherlands)
  • ADM (U.S.)
  • AMCO Proteins (U.S.)
  • DSM (Netherlands)
  • Merit Functional Foods (Canada)
  • Plantible Foods (U.S.)
  • Roquette Frères (France)
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