Free Machine Learning Textbooks for Computer Science Students

Have you ever thought about how Netflix recommends you on shows and TikTok sets up your feed? This could never happen without machine learning. A computer science student can better understand how machine learning has amalgamated into our everyday lives. It is no secret that the AI technique plays a powerful role even in healthcare technology. From diagnosing treatments to performing surgeries, machine learning has been assisting humans to a great extent. 

If you are interested in learning machine learning, let us help you find the best books on the subject. And the best part is that our list also covers free machine learning textbooks. Pick up any of these books and get them free from the academic support website of SolutionInn. The academic help website is a great platform for US students to get free textbooks for college. And the free shipping offer is like the icing on the cake. Visit the website to learn more about the free textbooks program.       

Best Free Machine Learning Textbooks

If you are interested in pursuing a career in machine learning, we have enlisted here the best academic material on the subject. Increase your knowledge of the AI technique and become a machine learning pro. Scroll down to get an insight into the best and free machine learning textbooks that are highly recommended for computer science students and experts.   

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Christopher Bishop’s Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning is a classic textbook that most college professors recommend to students at the graduate level. If you want to learn more about machine learning and pattern recognition, you must add this textbook to your reading list. The author has provided a detailed and easy-to-understand introduction to concepts, algorithms, and applications of machine learning. So, if you want to strengthen your concepts, we recommend you read this book.

Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective

Kevin Murphy’s textbook on Machine Learning puts light on Bayesian methods and covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to regression, deep learning, graphical models, and classifications. The author has explained stubborn concepts of machine learning very clearly and in detail. He has also used illustrations for an enhanced understanding of machine learning concepts. Add the book to your reading list to learn machine learning with a probabilistic approach. 

Hands-On Machine Learning

Aurelien Geron’s Hands-On Machine Learning is another highly recommended textbook in our list of free machine learning textbooks. If you are seeking valuable resources for learning artificial intelligence techniques with a more practical and hands-on approach, Geron’s book is all you need. The author has provided readers with clear explanations and code examples for various algorithms. In his book, he covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to linear regression, neural networks, deep learning, model evaluation, and hyperparameter tuning.

Deep Learning

Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville’s Deep Learning is certainly one of the best textbooks on our list of free machine learning textbooks. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning and a really interesting topic to learn. If you are seeking textbooks for deep learning, add this book to your reading list. It will help you learn optimization, convolutional networks, neural networks, recurrent networks, generative models, and various advanced-level topics of machine learning techniques. This is undoubtedly a valuable resource of learning for computer science students of graduate level and practicing software engineers. 

Elements of Statistical Learning

Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman’s Elements of Statistical Learning is another must-read for computer science students and those who are interested in studying machine learning. The textbook covers the statistical aspects of machine learning, focusing on topics of linear aggression, logistic regression, and unsupervised learning. This textbook is more appropriate for those who have a strong understanding of mathematics and its related subjects because it emphasizes the fundamental principles of mathematics, algorithms, and statistics. 

The Bottom Line

These free machine learning textbooks are valuable resources for computer science students who are eager to strengthen their concepts and knowledge of machine learning. Our list also has a worth-reading textbook covering deep learning and foremost machine learning techniques. Whether you prefer a theoretical or practical approach, these free machine-learning textbooks are valuable resources. Explore academic help websites for effective learning of various concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence.  


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