Exploring Property Hotspots Outside of London: Where to Invest 

While London has historically served as the main hub for real estate investment in the UK, says Joe Ricotta, astute investors are increasingly venturing outside the capital to find new hotspots for real estate. These emerging neighborhoods provide appealing options for investors looking to diversify their real estate portfolios as London real estate prices keep rising. 

1. Manchester: Manchester has developed into a real estate destination because of its booming economy, active cultural scene, and top-notch colleges. A rising population and strong housing demand are driving the city’s real estate market, which makes it a desirable location for both residential and commercial ventures. 

2. Birmingham: Often referred to as the UK’s “second city,” Birmingham has a robust economy and first-rate transportation systems. The High-Speed 2 (HS2) train line and other significant infrastructure projects have raised interest in Birmingham’s real estate market. 

3. Liverpool: Liverpool has a vibrant waterfront, a developing tech industry, and a rich history. As per Joe Ricotta, the city’s real estate market has expanded significantly, notably in the residential area. Liverpool is a great option for buy-to-let investors due to the availability of attractive rental returns. 

4. Bristol: Bristol boasts a strong cultural scene in addition to a robust aerospace and technology economy. Bristol’s housing shortage has increased demand, which has raised home prices. It has also drawn eco-aware people due to its image as a sustainable and green city. 

5. Leeds: Leeds is another significant city in the north of England where real estate is booming. It is the perfect location for both commercial and residential real estate investments because of its robust financial sector, rising employment market, and energetic city life. 

6. Glasgow: Glasgow is a desirable location for real estate investors due to its affordability and high quality of life. Interest in the city’s real estate market has surged as a result of the city’s redevelopment initiatives and cultural attractions. 

7. Edinburgh: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a major center for business, education, and tourism. Edinburgh continues to have a high demand for real estate, which is fueled by a burgeoning population and a strong rental market. 

 8. Nottingham: The city’s booming IT and creative sectors have raised interest in the real estate market there. Investors are interested in the area because of its inexpensive housing options and robust rental market. 

9. Cambridge: Demand for both residential and commercial buildings have been fueled by Cambridge’s status as a hub for innovation and education. Due to its proximity to the esteemed University of Cambridge and the growing Silicon Fen innovation area, the city’s real estate market benefits. 

10. Newcastle: In comparison to many southern cities, Newcastle’s real estate market is more affordable. The region is seeing a rise in real estate investment because of its burgeoning knowledge-based economy and cultural attractions. 


Investors are smartly looking at real estate hotspots outside of the metropolis as London’s property market continues to fetch high prices. The cities provide a wide range of prospects, from rental returns to potential for capital development. To make wise investment choices, Joe Ricotta says, it is necessary to do in-depth research, take into account regional market characteristics, and consult real estate specialists. By incorporating these new hotspots into your real estate portfolio, you may diversify your holdings while lowering your risk in a market that is always changing. 

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