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Are you also looking for a quick and efficient way to convert PST files to PDF files? Your hunt is over, then. This site will respond to your question, offer you the finest guide and a professional PST converter so you may quickly and safely convert PST files to PDF with attachments.

As everyone knows, PST files are Outlook data files that hold all of the contents from an Outlook account, including contacts, tasks, notes, emails, and more. Users may occasionally need to share particular emails from their PST files with other people. They look for a solution to convert data into PDF format in these kinds of situations. Because PDF files are small and offer more protection, they are the perfect option for sharing files with others. Let’s examine some additional benefits of converting PST file data into PDF before discussing ways to carry out this conversion process.

Justifications for PST to PDF Conversion

The necessity of converting PST files to PDF files varies depending on the user’s preferences. We’ll go over several typical justifications for converting Outlook data files to PDF here.

  • Because PDF files are cross-platform, they may be easily accessed on any device.
  • To use PDF files, users do not need to be online.
  • It is possible to encrypt PDF files to prevent unwanted access to sensitive information.
  • Since PDF files are small and simple to use, sharing them with others is easy.
  • PDF-formatted data can be utilized for legal documentation.
  • PDF files have the ability to store any kind of picture, video, link, etc.

Users frequently convert PST to PDF because of the advantages of PDF files mentioned above. Let’s continue and examine the answers to the most frequently asked user question, “How do I convert a PST file into a PDF?”

Outlook PST to PDF Conversion Process by Manual

There are several ways to convert PST files to PDF files. Nevertheless, not all of the techniques yield the intended outcomes, and some are ineffective. As a result, we’ll go over the two distinct approaches here that you can use to successfully save the data from PST files in PDF format. We will go into great depth about both strategies.

#Method1: Use the Print option to convert PST files to PDF

  • On your mobile device, open the Outlook account.
  • Select the email you wish to save in PDF format.
  • Select the Print option by navigating to the File menu.
  • After selecting Microsoft Print to PDF, select Print.
  • Click the Save button after selecting the location where you want to store the PDF files.

#Method 2: Use Acrobat Reader to Export PST to PDF

  • Open Outlook, then select the Adobe PDF tab.
  • Select the emails you want to convert, then click on the chosen messages in Adobe.
  • Next, choose the option to Create New PDF from the drop-down menu.
  • When the saving window appears, select the place you want to save to and click the Save button.
  • The data from your PST files is now saved in the preferred PDF format.

The two simplest ways to Convert Outlook data files to PDF are listed below. But, this approach works best if you only want to store a certain amount of emails as a PDF file. Using this method to save several emails might be highly time-consuming. Additionally, there’s a considerable probability of data loss. Therefore, we’ll talk about a different approach that makes it simple to convert PST files into PDFs in bulk in the part that follows.

 How can I Convert a PST file to a PDF Without Outlook ?- Straightforward Method

For bulk PST to PDF conversion, the knowledgeable ZOOK PST to PDF Converter is the ideal choice. PST file conversion is made safe with this sophisticated tool’s many integrated advanced capabilities. Throughout the process, it guards against data tampering and preserves folder hierarchy and data integrity. Additionally, it makes it possible to convert files with or without attachments. In less time, this procedure yields 100% accurate results. Additionally, this application makes it easy for users to manage their email accounts and eliminate duplicate emails. Use the instructions provided below to convert PST files in this manner.

How to Convert an Outlook PST File to a PDF File

  • On your device, launch the PST to PDF Converter Tool.
  • Select the necessary PST file or files and click the “Select Files/folders” button.
  • Select the mailbox items you wish to convert from the Preview option.
  • Choose PDF from the drop-down menu as the output file now.
  • Click Next after selecting the other preferred migration option.
  • Finally, to export PST to PDF, tap the convert button.

You can Batch Convert PST files into PDF with ease by following these instructions. Compared to the manual procedure mentioned above, this approach is safe and dependable.


We have covered the several motives behind consumers’ desire to convert PST to PDF in this article. We have also spoken about the several ways to carry out this conversion procedure. Although the native solution appears straightforward, there may be some limitations involved in the process. Hence, in order to get fast and precise results, computer experts recommend employing a professional PST File Converter. Additionally, this approach saves users time and provides 100% accuracy in achieving the desired results.

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