Exciting places in Bangalore to celebrate parties 

Bangalore is the place where many communities of job-oriented people and a youthful population intermingle at cafes and restaurants; mainly they are here for the amazing job opportunities and education that this place has to offer. You will always find the eateries, cafes, and restaurants of this place lit with music all night.  You will always find party halls, restaurants, cafes, and discs which are perfect party places in Bangalore. This is one of the most preferred places for any youngster. Bangalore is open to people of all age groups who wish to enjoy life with good food and drinks just like any other metro city.  There are small party halls in Bangalore, where you can enjoy yourself to your fullest.

 Here are the names of some of the party halls in Bangalore which are the perfect party places for birthday:

  • Big Brewsky – Well who doesn’t want to go to a place for a romantic vibe? There is another level of enthusiasm to go to a place with a romantic vibe and enjoy fine quality beer, if you wish to do that; you must opt for this place. They also have DJ who plays music to set the tone inside the place. They have a lip-smacking menu as well. One of the best things to do here is to play pool.
  • No Limmits Lounge and Club- Do you like to dance to Bollywood music? then you must visit here. You can not only enjoy but dance to your favorite amazing songs. Hanging out here with groups will add more fun. If you want to enjoy delicious appetizers along with the comfort of crazy cushions and refreshing cocktails, then you must come here and party or celebrate birthdays. You can stay here the whole night and enjoy the famous cuisine like Chinese, north Indian and continental.
  • Skyye – Do you want to go shopping first and then dine, or do you wish to party and then go shopping? If yes, you should visit this place. This café is located beside a mall, where you can do your shopping and also go partying as well.  This is so far the best place for clubbing in Bangalore. You can also enjoy the dance floor along with beverages and appetizers. This lounge is very much frequented by the youth who prefer to come and spend time here on weekends. 
  • Ice – Vivanta- This is a classy place to spend your birthday. The arrangements are sober and sophisticated. You can also reserve tables here beforehand for parties and enjoy this place with your friends and family. You can also enjoy the cocktails and the poolside along with the Dj music and have your leisure. 
  • High Ultra Lounge- Want to go to a place and celebrate your birthday with a breezy ambiance? This should be a perfect choice. You can also enjoy music with the oriental dishes and delight in the company of your loved ones. They are known to serve the best oriental cuisine so far in Bangalore.
  • Loft 38 – if rustic ambiance, good music, dancing, and romance are your thing, then you must come here. This place is considered to be one of the most happening places in Bangalore. If you want to celebrate the birthday of your loved ones, you should opt for this place. This is also a perfect place for couples. The cuisines you must try here are Chinese, Indian, and continental food along with the beats of tipsy music.
  • Loveshack, Domlur- Well who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthdays on a rooftop? This is one of the oldest rooftop clubs and is the choice of many. This place is famous for art lovers and the vibe one feels here is that of a beach in Goa. If you wish to experience something unique, you must visit this place and explore its delicious food. You can also sing karaoke and do a live performance and party all night. You can fulfill all your party whims and desires in this place along with good food and music.
  • i-Bar – The Park- if you want to celebrate your birthday in a very sophisticated and amazing place that gives you a royal as well as a classic vibe, then you should come here first without a second thought. The perks of coming to this place are fewer crowds, an ideal bar environment, and a full vibe party ambiance. Everything is sober here, the music, dance, and the crowd of people. You can also enjoy pool gaming, music, and dancing. 

Conclusion: If you are new to Bangalore and are looking for good places to party and booze all night or celebrate a birthday party with your friends or loved ones, you must try these party places as they will not disappoint you. These places are the perfect ones for good food, good music, good vibes, and great company. 


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