Everything You Should Know About Concrete And Electricity

The amount of concrete produced every year is insane. A concrete company can assist you with understanding its amounts and the uses that concrete has, However, if you are wondering whether it can conduct electricity or not, several factors will help decide. So, if you are facing difficulties with electrical safety, keep on reading to find out how a concrete contractor can assist you with it.

Providing you with safe help

If you are on a construction site and are planning on running utilities, you need to consider the conductivity of concrete. If it is a conductor then it can make the material produce heat and this can be a safety issue. So, if you are confused about the safety of your project, you need to work with a concrete contractor who can help you by answering questions and can also make sure that you get the work done with ease and comfort.

Concrete conducts electricity

In simple words, one can say that concrete conducts electricity. However, if you go in-depth, you will find out that it is quite complicated. Concrete may act as a conductor but most of the time, it doesn’t. When it is dry, it will be resistant to electricity. So, you can say that it will not carry current. It is known for its low thermal resistance properties and low insulation levels. This means that it can conduct electricity but will slow down any current that comes in contact with it.

Conductivity based on materials

Most people believe that concrete is more of an insulator. However, its conductivity is completely based on the materials that it has. There are different formulations of concrete, and they can have different levels of conductivity as well. Some may have more metallic particles and can be more likely to conduct electricity. However, the ones that do not have them may not conduct electricity. Carbon, steel, silicon, calcium, etc. can also increase their conductivity. So, you need to discuss this with your concrete company as they can help you understand more about concrete formulation.

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