Everything you need to know about the best time for African safari

If you are planning to come to Africa during your subsequent vacation to experience an African safari, you need to come here at the right time of the year. Different countries in this continent have different seasons to visit there, and you have to figure this out before doing anything else. Here, we have mentioned a useful guide about the best time for African safari which should come of use to you.

1. Tanzania
The best time to come to Tanzania to witness the Great Migration will be in February and March when zebras and wildebeests are known to give birth to their babies. You will get the opportunity to witness a large number of these creatures in February and March along with lots of predators. On the other hand, the ideal time to pay a visit to all the parks in this country will be from June to November. Refrain from coming to Tanzania between December and March since you will feel rather uncomfortable because of the sultry and humid weather. 

2. Uganda
In case you want to go for gorilla trekking, then Uganda will be ideal for you. There will be no mosquito menace during the dry season (June to September and December to February) right here. Moreover, due to the lack of precipitation, the trail conditions will be suitable for you. You will likewise come across some well-known national parks in this country that can be visited during the dry season as well. 

3. Zambia
Make certain to come to Zambia during the wet season which spans from November to April when it will be possible for you to see lots of migratory birds of Africa. Apart from this, you will also find comparatively inexpensive accommodations in Zambia at this time. You will be able to witness the Great Migration in November although the number of wildebeests can decrease to a great extent during this month. 

4. Botswana
Before talking about the best time for African safari in Botswana, we would like to inform you that this place is rather costly and one has to come here on board a small plane. The appropriate time to visit this country will be between June and September when there is less chance of precipitation and the climatic conditions are also conducive for travelers. 

5. South Africa
If you want to watch wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat, then the ideal time to visit South Africa will be between May and October. The reputed Kruger National Park in South Africa deserves special mention. The infrastructure in this park is comparatively better than the majority of the other parks in the continent which will be one significant reason to visit it. Better infrastructure implies that the road conditions will be okay for the tourists even though there might be some rainfall. 

Final thoughts
Let us hope that in case you are thinking of what will be the best time for African safari then this article will be helpful to you. Make sure to take the help of the Internet if you like to know more on this particular topic.

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