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If you were to time-travel to a few decades ago, you’d be met with silence if you were to wonder, “I wish someone could help me with my assignment.” Back then, the world was yet to be introduced to technological advancements that would leave a lasting impact on everyone, especially students.

Incorporating technology in education is undoubtedly one of the greatest boons to students. In addition to enjoying modernized classrooms and attending international academic conferences online, you finally have the opportunity to book an online assignment Rate My Paper provider for educational guidance.


Why Do Students Require an Assignment Provider?

In my 28 years of teaching experience, I’ve heard thousands of students say, “I like to study, but writing assignments give me nightmares.” And it’s completely understandable. The modern educational system has lain such an emphasis on grades and assignments that learning to gather knowledge has become the second priority. The first is to secure an A+ by hook or by crook.

That’s why assignment providers are a dream come true. These professional services take the burden of writing assignments on their shoulder and ensure that students can:

  • Deliver their tasks within the deadline
  • Avoid pulling multiple all-nighters
  • Improve their final GPAs
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Secure better grades in every assignment


But what compels students to rely on such services in the first place?

A Stanford study has already pointed out the “pitfalls of homework” and how students, crushed under assignment stress, experience early symptoms of anxiety and depression. A research paper published by Jacquelyne Ladejo and another by Ibtissam Annous emphasize the negative impact of excessive assignments and the possible dangers they present to students’ physical and mental health.

So, it’s not surprising that, when provided the opportunity to get Narrative Writing Help online, students wouldn’t think twice before hiring a professional expert to help them out.


What Problems Do You Encounter Hiring an Academic Service Provider?


The increased access to the internet and technological innovations in education has resulted in the mushrooming of academic writing services. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean good news for those seeking high-quality educational guidance. That’s because most of these services do not –

  • Bother to conduct quality checks
  • Have proper customer care services
  • Care about professionalism
  • Understand the high assignment standards
  • Have any sense of urgency to deliver tasks

As a result, choosing the wrong service provider when you need urgent essay help can land you in more trouble than before. So, to make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of things I used to look out for to find the best assignment provider when I was in university.


How to Detect the Best Assignment Provider?

The term ‘best’ is pretty subjective. But when it comes to an assignment provider, I think we can all agree that the “best” one would be the service that:

  • Doesn’t compromise quality
  • Delivers tasks on time
  • Has reliable experts

The qualities might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of websites making tall claims yet failing to meet all three standards. So, here are a few characteristics you should always look for if you want the best academic provider.


  1. Reputation in the student community

An academic service provider’s reputation in the student community can help you determine whether the website is worth hiring or not. Generally, every website you visit will claim to have helped thousands of students with their assignments. But once you dig a little deeper, you’ll barely find any information regarding those services or genuine reviews from previous clients.

Now, if this isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is. So, to avoid getting tangled up in further mess, avoid any service provider that doesn’t have much reputation in the student community.


  1. Availability of academic experts

Who wouldn’t want to hire the best experts whenever they struggle with their assignments? But it’s a nightmare when you’re in dire need of assistance, and the service fails to provide you with an expert because they’re all preoccupied with other clients. That’s why the best assignment providers always have several professionals on standby to ensure you won’t have to return empty-handed when you seek their help.


  1. Ability to leave reviews

Even when you buy something from Amazon, you’d first check out the product reviews on the website. Reviews/Testimonials are crucial to gain the trust of new clients. But when looking for reliable assignment providers, you might encounter certain websites that do not follow a review system.

Therefore, you cannot figure out what their previous clients have to say about the services. Hiring such services is always a gamble. So, it’s better to remain on the safer side and pick a service that allows students to leave reviews.


  1. A stickler for details in assignments

One of the fundamental characteristics of a reliable assignment provider is that every expert under their employment should be a stickler for detail. Since colleges and universities expect a high standard in every assignment, you can’t get away with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or incorrect factual information. Every paper must be checked, edited, and proofread thoroughly before you can submit the final version of your assignment.

Now, to check whether the experts at a particular service provider are serious about assignment quality, you can go through the sample papers on their website (if they have any!). These will determine whether the expert’s writing meets the required standards.


  1. Easy access to experts’ academic qualifications

When seeking the best assignment service provider, one of your top priorities should be to check the experts’ educational qualifications. After all, if you’re planning to book an expert to help you with a university-level essay or research paper, you’d feel more at ease knowing someone who has completed their PhD in that particular area would be handling your task.

Unfortunately, many assignment providers refrain from disclosing this information because they have a history of hiring high-school students and college freshers to keep up with the increasing demand for professional help. So, before deciding on any service, ensure that the experts have a minimum Master’s degree in their respective fields.


  1. Adherence to tight deadlines

The best assignment provider won’t leave you hanging. Since deadline issues continue to remain one of the primary reasons students seek professional writing services, it’s crucial that the most reliable service should have a constant streak of delivering tasks on time. Since delayed assignments lead to nothing but increased stress and anxiety, it’s best to go through reviews or try out the service once to check whether they can deliver tasks within tight deadlines.


  1. The balance between service quality and charges

While services that promise to offer top-class academic services at dirt-cheap prices are highly suspicious. If we were all in an Among Us simulation, they’d be the first one to be thrown off the spaceship. But you should also avoid the websites overcharging students and taking advantage of their desperation. So, your primary objective is finding a service that balances assignment quality and service charges. For this, you can compare the prices of the top-rated websites and check out their samples to ascertain their assignment quality.


  1. Availability of 24/7 customer service

Imagine you’re in urgent need of assignment assistance, and no matter how much you try, you can’t connect to the customer care services of a particular assignment provider. There’s a high possibility of this nightmare becoming true if you don’t check the customer care executive’s responsiveness before hiring any professional service. So, always check whether the assignment provider allows you to connect to live-chat support or stalls your queries for another day.


  1. Ability to compose unique and original papers

If the academic guidance service provides free sample papers, you’ll be able to instantly detect whether the experts stay true to their promise of delivering plagiarism-free papers. Just copy the solution and run it through a good plagiarism detector tool. It’ll immediately highlight the sections the expert might have copied from internet sources. If plagiarism scores are too high, you should avoid that service like the plague. Meanwhile, if it is low, there’s a high chance you’ll find genuinely good experts to lend you a helping hand.


  1. Provisions for refund/revisions in policy

Revision and refund policies are characteristics of any reliable assignment provider. After all, it’s not humanely possible to assure 100% satisfactory results all the time. However, if the responsibility is on the expert, the assignment provider should assume responsibility by offering full/partial refunds or revision options. So remember to thoroughly review the Terms & Conditions before hiring any service.


To sum it up,

Despite the presence of hundreds of assignment providers, finding the best is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most services need help to keep up with the high demand, while others take advantage of students’ desperation and barely take any measures to improve their services. However, you’re guaranteed to find a few reliable websites when you keep a look out for the ten characteristics I’ve mentioned in this blog.


Author bio:

Jack Thoams is an educational consultant at She has completed her Master’s in Adult Education and offers valuable guidance to students seeking assignment help services online.

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