Why dental implants are the best choice of replacing missing teeth

Although there are many options of treatment of missing teeth, but dental implant is one of the most popular option. In the process of dental implants, artificial tooth roots are infused in the jawbone to support an artificial tooth. But everyone does not qualify for the dental implants. Dentist will inspect the jawbone of patients for the dental implants. If you have less jawbone then dentist may suggest you other options of missing teeth.

Why private dentist in Basingstoke suggests dental implants:

Improved Appearance:

Dental implants feels like the natural teeth and the shape and color of the tooth is easily matched with the adjacent teeth. This results in improved appearance and a better smile of the patient.

Long Lasting:

Dental implants can easily last for a lifetime if proper care is taken. So for people looking for a long-lasting solution of missing teeth, dental implants is perhaps the best.

Better Functionality:

Other missing teeth treatments such as dentures can slip out of the mouth while speaking. But as dental implants are infused into the jawbone, thereby the possibility of slipping and moving around in mouth is eliminated. So, the one with dental implants can eat, speak comfortably and conveniently.

Easy To Clean:

Other treatment option such as dentures are needed to be removed out of mouth for cleaning. But dental implant acts as natural tooth and can be cleaned by merely brushing and flossing.

No Dietary Restrictions:

With dental implants, you can eat whatever foods you want to eat. You can easily eat foods that are sticky, hard or crunchy without having any fear of losing teeth.

Improved Oral Health:

A missing teeth can cause the loss of jaw bone, which can also make the adjacent teeth to shift from their original position. All these problems are overcome by dental implants. In addition to this biting power is also restored.

Improved Speech:

When teeth are lost, is also impact the ability to pronounce words clearly. Sometimes it can lead to embarrassment. Dental implants restore the ability to pronounce words clearly and also increase the self-confidence of an individual.

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