Creative yet Fun Recipes You Can Make with Yummy Potato Chips

Creative yet Fun Recipes You Can Make with Yummy Potato Chips

If you think that potato chips are for snacking, then you are wrong. These yummy crunchy treats are not for snacking only anymore. Yes, you are reading it right. You can actually make so many delicious recipes with leftover potato chips. In case you are thinking that these recipes are messy and need a lot of your time, it is not true. Most of these recipes are quick and yes, you can expect the most amazing yet ‘brand new’ taste. So, if you are already having potato chips from the leading snack company in India, then this post is for you. Keep on reading this post to find out more.

Potato chips in chocolate

It may sound a little weird but that is true that you can actually make sweet desserts with these salty treats. Just think of salted caramel or any less sweet chocolate. Once you have it, just dip the salted classic potato chips in it and place it on the baking paper. Give these dipped chips sometimes to set. And that is it! Once the chocolate is dry, you can have these sweet and salty chips to give your taste buds a treat.

Make crunchy chat

If you need something sweet and spicy that can be prepared within 10-15 minutes, then potato chips chat is the best option. The most exciting thing about this option is that you can make it healthy by adding veggies to it. To prepare this chat, you will need a pack of your favorite potato chip from the best chips manufacturer in India. Along with this, take some finely chopped tomato, onions, green chilies, capsicum, sweet corn, salt, tomato ketchup, green chutney, and chat masala. Take a bowl and mix all these items together. You can also add some fresh lime juice. Keep one thing in mind chips may become soggy as soon as you mix them with other items. So, consume it instantly.

Brownie with potato chips

To twist your classic brownie, you will need only two ingredients – nuts and potato chips. Yes, you are reading it right. While making brownies, you can add a beautiful layer of crushed potato chips. But do this step just before putting it into the oven. Once it is done, just drizzle it with melted chocolate. Also, serve these brownies when they are warm as the chips will be crunchy enough to add an amazing flavor.

Nachos with potato chips

When you make it, this will instantly become the favorite of your kids. You can try this recipe with any of your favorite chip flavors but it tastes better with tangy tomato and mast masala. To prepare it, just add sour cream, salsa, beans, and gooey cheese together. Dip the chocolate in it and enjoy this sweet and savory treat.

Wrapping it up!

You can also make burgers, make crumbs, and use them as a tasty substitute for peanuts. To try all these recipes, you can get the different and tasty flavors of potato chips from Kiwi Foods. In addition to potato chips, you can also try their assorted range of tasty snacks to fill your time with flavorful treats.


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