Lighten Up Your Candle Business With Custom Candle Boxes.

The candles are the most liked designed interior for events and Christmas dinners. People love to decorate their gardens with dim candlelights. Also, the candlelight dinner is the couples’ all-time favorite. Because they turn the typical environment into a romantic one within a few seconds, due to such importance, you can earn an extra profit this Christmas on candles sale. But it’s impossible if you don’t try to grab people’s attention. And Christmas-themed custom candle boxes can be worth it. We have designed these boxes with 2023 Christmas-themed designs and add-ons. You can buy these boxes wholesale without extra charges. If you order right now, you can get the extra discount before the end-season sale in 2022.

Guidelines for custom candle boxes styling:

You can choose any box style for candle packaging. We will customize it according to the candle’s quantity and measurements. Here are a few suggestions for a few types of candles.

Types of candles Box style suggestions
Wax-Filled Glass and Floating Candles Tuck front cube box with 123 bottoms
Cartridge Candles Straight or reverse tuck end box with cardboard or kraft inserts.
Votives or tea lights, candles Two-piece box style with custom foam inserts for large quantity
Pillars and taper candles


Straight or reverse tuck-end rectangular boxes.

Guidelines for custom candle boxes styling:

  1. For simple candle boxes, you can use kraft and cardboard. Both are durable and budget-friendly. But in comparison, kraft material costs a bit more than cardboard. Other than that, both are
  • eco friendly
  • heat resistant
  • moisture-resistant
  • perforation free
  • printable
  1. for premium candles, you can use rigid material boxes. These boxes are ideal for durability due to their stiffness. At the same time, they are high-priced. If you have no investment issues, these boxes can be worth it.

Five obligatory add-ons for premium custom candles boxes:

  1. Custom inserts:

The taper and birthday candles can mold or break easily due to striking inside the box. Also, the votives, fuel cartridges, and Wax-Filled Glass Candles core is made of mirror glass which needs extra protection. You can keep such wholesale boxes for candles in custom inserts which

  • It keeps the candles in an immobile position because they can’t be damaged during dispatching
  • Separates the two or more candles from each other. In this way, they can’t collide with each other.
  • Gives them an aesthetically pleasing position. As a result, the customer impresses more and appreciates your efforts.

 Inserts options for custom candle boxes:

1- Kraft and cardboard inserts:

The main benefit of kraft and cardboard insets is that they can efficiently be designed or printed in any shade. Also, the foam inserts are low in cost than foam inserts. If you are low on budget, these inserts are suitable for you.

  • Foam inserts

Suppose you want exclusive packaging under an average budget. Primarily, these inserts are used in black, grey, and charcoal colors, which look decent and premium. If you want other shades, we suggest your flock. We suggest you flock on the upper surface of the foam inserts. In this way, you can save money.

  • Eva foam inserts:

If you want fully colored foam inserts, you use EVA foam inserts.  These inserts are ideally durable but highly expensive.

  1. Die-cut window:

You can customize die-cut windows to show off your beautiful candles on display. We cover the die-cut window with PVC sheets. So, the dust and environment do not affect your fragile candles. For more elegancy, you can cut a die-cut window in different shapes. And detail the borders too.

Die-cut window outlining suggestions:

  1. Use elegant design from the format of the design
  2. Print the die-cut borders with PMS and CMYK color schemes
  • Use sparkling stamp foiling for a gleaming finish.
  1. Sparking Stamp foiling:

Stamp foiling is the favorite of people in packaging. It looks so pretty on the printed design, text, or logo that the buyer can stop themselves from buying that box. It is available in all shades. But for pink candle boxes, you can use rose gold foil. It gives a pinkish sparkly look that will take full attention in the shop. The people mostly prefer gold and silver stamp foiling. Both are premium shades and are primarily used in exclusive packaging. The gold stamp foiling gives a goldish and majestic shine. And the silver stamp gives a moonish shine. If it’s a Christmas-themed box, you can use stamp foiling in red, green, white, and other shades, along with silver and gold stamp foiling because these shades symbolize Christmas.

  1. Customized handles:

You can customize handles to make the custom candle box easy to carry. It not just looks awful but also helps to carry the custom box effortlessly. You also save money because you don’t need an extra bag to carry it. Besides, you can use our custom gable and tote boxes if you don’t want to customize handles.

  1. Crafted flowers and bows:

You can craft flowers, bows, or butterflies to place on the custom candle box. These decorating items look so charming and elegant on gift boxes. You have three options.

Option 1| You can use ribbons and ropes for crafting bows and other creatures.
Option 2| You can choose silk and other decorating clothes.
Option 3| You can use paper.

Why iCustom boxes are the best option for your business:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Standard or Rush TAT
  • Free Doorstep Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Safe Payment Methods
  • Reliable money transfer options
  • Seasonal Discount Offers
  • Technical Support
  • Affordable rates
  • Offers Specified Sampling
  • Provides Eco-friendly material
  • Dedicated Project Managers
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