Beyond the Yellow – Exploring Multicolored Sapphire in Jewelry

Fancy sapphires come in an assortment of colors. A sapphire’s color is determined by both its main color and any tints or overtones present, including any tints that may affect its tone. Padparadscha sapphires, taking their name from the Sinhalese word for lotus flower, combine pink and orange colors to produce an exceptional peach or salmon color.

Diverse Colors

Sapphires may be most widely known for their blue color, but this gem comes in all shades imaginable. Much like rubies, all sapphires are composed of corundum but differing trace elements give each sapphire its specific color; an increase in chromium produces pink sapphires while adding additional iron leads to yellow and green varieties.

Yellow sapphires found in Australia often feature yellow as part of their bi or tri-color parti sapphire composition, and range in color from pale yellow to electric lemony colors. 

Color is one of the primary factors to keep in mind when selecting a sapphire, along with saturation level. Sapphires with vivid saturation levels tend to be most prized and will look best set into either a round or cushion cut faceted setting. Also, neelam stone price and its diverse shades depend on these unique characteristics.

Lapidarists must also consider pleochroism, sparkle, and optical effects when cutting sapphires for use as cabochons. Lab-grown sapphires, like their natural counterparts, can be cut into various shapes – oval and marquise for instance – carvings and beads can also be cut to achieve similar effects. 

Unveiling the Rarity and Uniqueness

Natural sapphires come in an array of colors due to the combination of minerals and elements present during gemstone formation. Iron is responsible for creating yellow colors while titanium gives blue tones.

Neelam ratna price and its rarity stem from these distinct characteristics that give these stones their durability and beauty – as well as an impressive Mohs scale rating of 9. It also makes them popular choices for engagement rings.

Sapphires with high saturation levels and vivid colors tend to be more valuable than lighter sapphires with lower saturation; however, their value also depends on factors like color change and clarity.

Value and Investment Potential

Sapphires are prized gemstones known for their rarity and durability, making them popular choices in jewelry design. Highly prized alongside diamonds, emeralds, and rubies as well as royalty and nobility alike, sapphires have long been seen as symbols of royalty and nobility.

Color, clarity, and origin play an integral role in establishing the value of a sapphire gemstone. Clarity evaluations such as eye grade and loupe grade are used to assess gem quality; flaws or inclusions detract from its beauty and thus decrease in value.

Not all sapphires possess an intrinsic color, such as deep blue asterism or cat’s eye effect. Other gemstones feature secondary colors like pink or purple colors found in natural color -change sapphires – a feature that makes these precious gems so rare and valuable.

Choosing Multicolored Sapphires: A Wise Decision

Fancy sapphires offer an intriguing spectrum of colors that can add visual interest to a range of jewelry designs. When purchasing one, buyers should keep its cut and color saturation in mind when making their decision. While standard sapphires cite color, tone, and saturation as important criteria, due to nature regulating color zones in parti sapphires its value is determined largely by its cut as facets attempt to maximize contrast, visibility, and location of color zones to increase aesthetics while simultaneously maintaining carat weight.

Other important considerations when purchasing sapphire stones include their rarity and origin. While most people think of blue sapphire as the “go-to” gem, other colors can also be equally beautiful and make for an impressive collection. Since Pantone recently declared them, rare sapphires may soon gain greater exposure.

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