Beyond Borders: Trackon Courier Tracking for International Shipments  


Nothing is more crucial for a business than a dependable and efficient courier partner while sailing the complexities of international shipping; it’s difficult to delegate this obligation for e-commerce delivery since customers want exceptional service, and it can only work if you locate a competent courier partner. That is why Trackon Courier exists. Trackon strives to meet all of your courier partner’s needs, including efficiency, experience, and cutting-edge technology.    

With 17 years of expertise, Trackon has a significant national presence, managing over 2 lakh consignments and serving over 5,000 pin codes every day. We intend to provide you with a comprehensive guide to Trackon Courier through this blog.           

Trackon provides several services to meet your specific needs. Trackon’s services include the following:    

  1. Prime Track: The service provides a delivery that ensures next-day or one-day delivery across all major cities.
  1. Express Standard: This service ensures delivery to major businesses at a minimal cost through air, land or ocean routes.    
  1. Air Express Cargo: This delivery service provides express delivery by air across all major metropolitan areas and cities. 
  1. Surface Express Cargo: This is a cost-effective delivery option for businesses with huge shipments that need specific arrangements, such as large vehicles and material handling equipment.          

Trackon Courier Tracking

Here’s a way you can easily track your package using Trackon Courier tracking

  • Go to Trackon Courier Services’ official website.
  • The Track Your Shipment area will appear on the website’s homepage.
  • Enter your tracking or AWB number and press the “Track” button.
  • The best thing is that you can track your courier by location. For location-based tracking, you must know the pin code or branch, city, and state.   

Trackon Courier Tracking: Services Covered 

Trackon seeks to provide efficient, dependable, and cost-effective logistics solutions to its varied customer base. From domestic delivery solutions to international shipping services, the organisation works day and night to meet the needs of its customers. Trackon provides the following logistics solutions:                

  1. Domestic Delivery Solutions: Trackon provides domestic delivery alternatives such as Prime Track, Express Standard, Air Express Cargo, and many more. These services ensure next-day and second-business-day delivery at the lowest possible cost to all Indian metros and cities. 
  1. Risk Cover/Risk Surcharge: Their risk cover/risk surcharge service covers loss or damage caused by transit or defective packaging. Trackon assesses a non-refundable risk surcharge of 2% of the invoice value. This assures that your shipment is safe during its shipping journey, and you may file a claim if anything goes wrong.  
  1. Reverse Pickup Solutions: Trackon offers hassle-free pickup services from sellers/suppliers across India to eCommerce enterprises. This service ensures easy and convenient reverse pickup of shipments, making the logistics process for businesses seamless and efficient.        
  1. International delivery solutions: Trackon’s global network and expertise in international logistics provide dependable and efficient delivery of goods to and from other countries, providing businesses with efficient and economical international logistics solutions.     

Trackon Courier Tracking: Customer Service

Trackon Courier Services is dedicated to offering the best level of client satisfaction. That is why they have a dedicated customer service team accessible to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Please refer to the following information if you need to contact Trackon Customer Service:      

To file a complaint, use the toll-free number 011-4559 3500. This hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can speak with a representative who will assist you in resolving your concern. You can contact the numbers listed below between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., except Sundays.   

  • Delhi: 1145593500/8448011011
  • Mumbai: 9372800532/9372800533
  • Chennai: 4446617710/4446617712
  • Hyderabad: 4069315555/6309333503
  • Bangalore: 8028567030/8028567040

Trackon Courier Tracking: Payment Methods

Trackon recognizes the need to offer flexible payment alternatives to its customers. As a result, Trackon provides a variety of payment alternatives to meet the varying demands of its clients. 

Trackon provides two methods of payment:

  1. Cash on Delivery (COD)/DOD: When a package is delivered, customers can utilize this payment option to collect the value from the consignee or recipient. With ToPay, you can utilize this service to have Trackon get the COD/DOD from the consignee/receiver and give it back to the consignor/sender.  
  1. ToPay: This payment option is available to contractual clients who would rather have the consignee/receiver pay the freight charges than the consignor/sender. ToPay is a practical substitute because the recipient can pay the freight fees at the time of delivery, benefiting both the sender and the recipient. 


Thus, it is important to research and understand the courier partner before you dive into the world of international shipping. You need to be aware of your needs and if they align with the services provided by the courier partner. There goes a lot in the process like pricing, quality of service, and reliability. Thus, you can connect to one of the leading shipping aggregators in the country, like NimbusPost, which lets you track your shipments thoroughly with their smartest shipping solutions.  

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