Best Place to Explore in Your Kerala Tour Package

Kerala, the “God’s Own Country,” is a symphony of vibrant greens, tranquil backwaters, and soul-stirring natural beauty. For nature lovers, Kerala’s essence lies beyond the beaches and bustling cities. It’s in the whisper of the wind through ancient rainforests, the mist clinging to emerald hills, and the symphony of exotic birdsong. If you’re a traveler yearning to connect with nature’s embrace, Kerala has a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unveiled.

This blog curates the perfect itinerary for the nature enthusiast, ensuring your Kerala tour package becomes an unforgettable adventure. To craft the ideal trip, consider using RS International Tour, a one-stop platform offering a plethora of Kerala tour packages that cater specifically to nature lovers.


Munnar: Where Tea Plantations Kiss the Sky

Munnar, a hill station nestled amidst the majestic Western Ghats, is a tapestry of rolling tea estates, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking panoramas. Start your day with a gentle trek through sprawling tea plantations, inhaling the crisp mountain air and the invigorating aroma of fresh tea leaves. RS International Tour’s tour packages often include visits to tea factories, where you can witness the transformation of leaves into the beverage that awakens the world.

Munnar’s crown jewel is Eravikulam National Park, a haven for endangered species like the Nilgiri Tahr. Embark on a jeep safari through the park, keeping your eyes peeled for these majestic animals amidst the verdant expanse. Don’t miss a visit to Echo Point, a vantage point offering panoramic views that will leave you speechless.

Thekkady: Where Wildlife Roams Free

Periyar National Park, located in Thekkady, is a wildlife sanctuary teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Take a boat ride on the serene Periyar Lake, surrounded by lush greenery, and watch in awe as elephants, wild boars, and deer quench their thirst at the water’s edge. RS International Tour’s Kerala tour packages often include nature guides who can shed light on the park’s rich ecological tapestry.

For the truly adventurous, opt for a trekking expedition through the park’s dense forests, where the symphony of birdsong and the rustling of leaves create a mystical ambiance. Thekkady is also home to spice plantations, where you can witness the source of the world’s most coveted flavors. Breathe in the intoxicating aroma of cardamom, cloves, and pepper, and learn about the traditional cultivation methods.

Wayanad: Where Lush Jungles Meet Ancient Hills

Wayanad, an off-the-beaten-path gem, offers a glimpse into Kerala’s wilder side. Dense rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and ancient caves beckon the explorer within. Trek through the verdant embrace of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, where tigers, leopards, and a myriad of bird species reside. RS International Tour’s Kerala tour packages often include responsible wildlife viewing tours, ensuring minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem.

For a truly unique experience, visit Edakkal Caves, natural formations believed to be over 8,000 years old. Adorned with prehistoric petroglyphs, these caves offer a window into Kerala’s ancient past. Wayanad is also a haven for birdwatchers, with over 500 species calling this region home.

Kumarakom: Where Backwaters Whisper Secrets

Kumarakom, a haven of serene backwaters, is a place to unwind and reconnect with nature’s tranquility. Glide through emerald canals aboard a traditional houseboat, Kerala’s iconic vessel. As the sun paints the sky in fiery hues, witness the captivating beauty of the backwaters fringed by coconut palms and vibrant birdlife.

RS International Tour’s Kerala tour packages often include stays on luxurious houseboats, complete with amenities that ensure a comfortable and unforgettable experience. In Kumarakom, surrender to the rhythm of nature – watch the sunrise paint the backwaters gold, listen to the gentle lapping of water, and immerse yourself in the serenity of this captivating region.

Alleppey: A Backwater Paradise

Alleppey, another backwater haven, offers a labyrinth of canals, serene lagoons, and idyllic villages. Take a canoe ride through narrow waterways, weaving through lush vegetation and catching glimpses of local life. Visit Kuttanad, known as Kerala’s “rice bowl,” and witness the backwaters transforming into a canvas of emerald green paddy fields.

Wrapping Up

Kerala’s charm lies not just in its postcard-perfect beauty, but in the hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Venture beyond the usual tourist trails with RS International Tour’s customizable Kerala tour packages.  They offer a plethora of options, from homestays nestled amidst tea plantations to responsible wildlife viewing experiences.

So, pack your walking boots, a thirst for adventure, and a camera to capture the magic. Kerala awaits you with open arms, a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting to unfold. With RS International Tour as your travel partner, you can be sure your Kerala adventure will be a nature lover’s paradise, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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