Best Artisans Of The World And Their Traditional Know-How

Asia has always been renowned for the quality of its craftsmanship, neck scarf for womens particularly in the field of high-end textiles. The know-how and manufacturing techniques are numerous and the craftsmen know how to work with care, patience and love for their work.

The constantly improved techniques have also remained traditional and artisanal. From India to Thailand via China, Laos or even Vietnam, Cambodia, Asia has been enriched over the centuries by trade, cultural influences to constantly improve the quality of their textiles. in the field of luxury, the know-how remaining intact, the passion of the craftsmen has not changed.

Discover the craftsmen who have made the scarves and scarves offered in this shop. From cotton to linen, from wool to silk, each artisanal creation requires a particular know-how. From the work of the natural raw material, to the spinning, weaving of the material.

Rolling work, printing in batik, stencil or by hand. You will distinguish material by material the most beautiful scarves offered in this shop, in single copy or in limited edition.

Handicrafts From Laos And Vietnam, Wild Silk Scarf

Wild silk has a particular grain and appearance, we also use Tussah silk. It is characterized by an irregular weft, a variable thickness, to the touch it is a unique living material. It is this particular characteristic aspect that makes wild quality silk scarves  pure authentic silk highly sought after for the excellence of this material.

Woven entirely according to a weft typical of this type of confection, each scarf is a unique piece and no scarf is alike. Here, high-end traditional craftsmanship, it is its small imperfections that are the charm and the pledge of an original product that connoisseurs of this more natural type of weaving will be able to identify.

Indian Wool Scarf

Pure Indian wool is known worldwide for its extreme softness and fineness, intensely soft but also for the complexity of its patterns. The know-how of Himalayan craftsmen has been renowned for centuries, it has remained a complex traditional art.

Discover without delay the quality of this craftsmanship, the lightness, the softness and the unique warmth of these sublime scarves. Learn more about tying a scarf .

Handicrafts From India, Indian Silk Scarf

Silk weaving in India is very famous , its origins come from the region of Vanarasis which is also the region of production of the most beautiful sari. Indian silk scarves have the distinction of being the softest and finest in the world.

A specialty of this region of the world, the silk weft has a unique spinning texture. The scarves and scarves are printed in batik style or using stencils, they can also be painted by hand.

Silk Scarf For Women

In Southeast Asia, Thailand stands out for the quality of its ancestral know-how in the breeding of silkworms but also in the art of weaving and the production of  high-end quality silk scarves . The silk offered in this collection is a smooth, shiny silk , which has pretty luminous reflections.

The reputation of Thai silk is well established and it is recognized worldwide for its benchmark know-how in the specific manufacturing process of which it alone has the secret.

Handicrafts From India, 100% Indian Cotton Scarf

India is particularly recognized for its cotton culture, neck scarf for womens and for its art of cotton weaving. This one was established more than 5000 years ago. The cotton from India responded to traditional techniques and know-how from the cultivation of the raw material to the weaving of this one. Cotton scarves from India are by far the finest and softest in the world. High quality scarves to discover.

Handicrafts From India, Natural Linen Scarf

Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world. From cultivation to harvesting, retting, spinning and weaving, making a linen scarf is a long-term job. The softness and beauty of the linen scarves offered to you are the result of unique work and a long tradition.

To protect you in winter as in summer, linen excels as a material, it is an excellent thermal regulator. A pretty plain or embroidered linen scarf will follow you all year round, in winter as in summer.

Handicrafts From Russia, Large Woolen Winter Scarves

Princesse Foulard has selected for you a splendid selection of large  men’s scarves and Russian shawls in pure wool . Designed in the purest tradition of Russian craftsmanship, these elegant woolen stoles are incredibly fine.

Their authentic design is matched only by their uniqueness. Warm and soft wool for winter. Handmade, its large pure wool scarves are the result of the best craftsmanship.

Discover the extraordinary work of our craftsmen and their know-how in the manufacture of scarves, handcrafted scarves of high-end luxury quality, a very beautiful incomparable quality, that of craftsmanship.

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