Basic Thumb Rules To Get the Best Deal for Personal Loan

Personal loans are among the most popular and well-known financial instruments available today. They are also the simplest loan kind available. For a variety of reasons, including home renovations, trips, weddings, or unexpected medical expenses, you can submit an application for a personal loan.

Apply for a personal loan only after considering a number of variables that will enable you to acquire the best deal available. The greatest approaches to finding an online personal loan offer are to conduct adequate research and practice sound money management.

10 Rules to Remember While Applying for a Personal Loan:

Don’t borrow more than you require

It can be tempting to take out a large loan when your salary and credit score makes you qualified for one. But never borrow more money than you can afford to pay back. Given the personal loan interest rates and other fees associated with borrowing money, it is always simpler to borrow money than to repay it. Make sure your loan EMI for the month does not exceed 40% of your monthly income.

Choose the shortest tenure possible

Longer loan payback terms are desirable because they lower your monthly payments. However, the borrower will face higher overall costs and a higher rate of interest as a result. Decide on the shortest tenure you can afford, then.

Make regular and timely payments

Your CIBIL score is significantly influenced by how consistently you make payments. To keep your credit history healthy, make sure your payments are always made on schedule. You’ll be able to receive loans in the future with cheaper interest rates thanks to this.

Don’t use personal loans for investments

Personal loans are typically intended for personal needs like weddings, vacations, etc. You can use personal loans for any legitimate reason, but you should never invest borrowed money or engage in risky behavior. A personal loan will have a high-interest rate because it is unsecured. You will continue to lose money even if you generate gains from secure investment options because they will not compare to this interest rate. High-return investments can carry significant risks and are market-dependent.

Don’t take multiple loans

Taking out many personal loans will increase your debt load and lower your credit score. It is preferable to think about acquiring one sizable loan with a competitive interest rate if you have taken many loans or need a substantial sum of money.

Calculate your monthly installments before applying

Knowing the EMI you will have to pay each month before you take out a personal loan can help you decide if you can afford this financial strain or not. To provide you with an accurate estimate, an EMI calculator takes into account the loan length, personal loan interest rates, and other variables. By taking this action, you will become ready for the next financial obligation and demonstrate your ability to pay, if at all. (Verify current interest rates)

Analyze fine print

A personal loan application and approval process are both simple. Though it’s never as straightforward as the ‘ad’ suggests. Instead of quickly skimming the loan and contract agreements, carefully review each clause. Make sure you comprehend everything you are agreeing to because every loan deal contains a number of hidden terms and conditions.

Check your options

Make sure to compare a loan with as many websites and other lenders as you can before choosing one. It will assist you in comprehending all of your options and determining whether you can reduce prepayment fees, processing charges, or interest rates. Once you have sufficiently evaluated and researched your possibilities, decide.

Prepay your loan if you can

Prepayment of a personal loan requires careful planning. Prepaying a loan results in significant savings on the interest you would have otherwise had to pay. Banks do, however, charge a prepayment fee on loans, which may equal the amount. Determine how much of a penalty you would be required to pay if you choose to prepay your loan. Next, compare this sum to the interest rate you are saving. Go ahead and prepay your loan if doing so will benefit you. Prepaying your personal loans will lower your debt and raise your credit score.

Think about getting insurance

It’s a smart idea to get loan protection coverage if you’re taking out a sizable loan. Getting insurance protects your liability in the event that an accident occurs at a bad time and you are unable to make payments. Numerous financial institutions also provide coverage for other events like fatalities, job losses, and road accidents.

Before choosing to apply for a particular personal loan, make carefully examine the rates of interest for all accessible personal loans.


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