All Elemental Resonance In Genshin Impact, Ranked

In Genshin Impact, you shouldn’t take Elemental Resonance for granted because some of them can really change the game.

When building a team in Genshin Impact, it’s important to think about the elemental resonance. The different effects give each Element its own unique way to play. For example, Hydro tends to focus on HP, Geo plays with shields, and Cryo gives the Permafreeze team a huge boost.

In Genshin Impact, it’s not easy to rank Elemental Resonance because five of the eight are good. Protective Canopy, Electro, and Anemo Resonance are easily three of the worst, but Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, Cryo, and Geo are all great. So, even though the five are ranked, it’s important to remember that their power is close, and the players’ teams are more important when it comes to bringing out the real power of the Resonance.

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