A Tale of Two Families in Dharam Patni : Pratiksha and Ravi’s Journey

Dharam Patni, a popular show on Colors TV, is about a teacher named Pratiksha Parekh and a business mogul named Ravi Randhawa. It’ll be interesting to see what occurs when two people from various socioeconomic classes meet through marriage and finally fall in love.

Raghu informs Malhar that Thakur has come to honor him with his presence. Thakur said they came to express their gratitude. After the wedding, they want him to have full authority over Pratiksha. Malhar cautions them against making negative written comments about Pratiksha. Malhar expresses his conviction that Pratiksha is now his duty and hopes their marriage will be happy.

He speaks highly of Pratiksha. He recommends that everyone leave him alone. He wishes he could go back in time and see Pratiksha as he was when Keerti was still around. Ravi assures Pratiksha that he will change her future.

Ravi learns that Parul has been talking to her relatives about how she would like to see Ravi marry her brother Pratiksha. Parul’s relatives came to Malhar’s wedding to celebrate the happy couple. 

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Malhar is so impressed with Pratiksha that he wants nothing more than to be with her. Manvi thinks the groom didn’t share Ravi’s face. Deepanshu is frustrated and threatens to quit unless Aditya calls Ravi. Ravi and Kavya’s families are having a good time at the wedding. Ravi feels terrible about what happened with Keerti. Thinking back on his objectives, he becomes resolute.

Parul tells Kinjal that she is saddened by the news that Pratiksha, rather than Ravi, would marry Malhar. Parul’s selection of the name Ravi has Hansa wholly taken aback. Parul is getting ready to go somewhere. She knocks over the fire with a china water pitcher in Dharam Patni. The couple is no longer together. Pandit says it’s terrible and mending the damage will take a while.

Hansa reprimands Parul. To unwind, Pratiksha and her sister make their way up the stairs. Thakur and Raghu both show up in disguise. They’re on the hunt for Malhar. Pratik manages to halt their progress and requests identification proof.

Raghu and Thakur both claim to have Malhar ancestry. Hansa assures Pratik she has seen no sign of Ravi at the stadium. In the nick of time, Ravi will launch his attack. Malhar’s chamber is where Raghu and Thakur are currently located.

Two Worlds Collide

They wonder what Ravi is doing there when they spot him. They choose to ignore him in favor of focusing on Malhar. Malhar, who is currently home alone, can be found dancing. He looks up to see Thakur and Raghu waiting for him, and they take his breath away.

Pandit Ji tells Hansa to call the groom and only then the bride. Ravi challenges Malhar to a duel. The desire to visit Malhar in his bedroom is something Pratiksha tells her siblings about. Ravi smashes Malhar’s head open with a bottle of broken glass. She means the groom, “You will be the police officer but no longer the groom.”

She really wants her marriage to stay strong and not have any more problems. As Ravi enters a chamber, he is hailed by the pandit who had previously shown him the way in. When he refused to help the pandit, he had him locked up. Aditya successfully prevented Harneet from kidnapping Deepanshu and watched all episodes of Dharam Patni at Jio Cinema USA.

Ravi has made a cash offer of Rs. 2 Lakh to Pandit. Pandit agrees to be of assistance. Pratik and Hansa are the first to arrive and enter through the doors after knocking. They wish to know what has become to Ravi and Pandit. Pandit claims to be in the region with his helper.

Aditi, Deepanshu’s worried girlfriend, keeps calling him. Deepanshu tells Aditya he can’t keep behaving like this and demands that he contact Ravi.

A Secret Marriage

The wedding of Pratiksha and Malhar has been planned. Ravi approaches them, splashes water on the fire, and says that he had pledged not to let her get married, so he stops the ceremony. Pratiksha wants to know the reason. Ravi claims she is his all-time favorite. Ravi, Panditji requests that you drape her in a saree. Mandeep warns Sushila that she will call the police if she continues to suspect that the two of them are participating in a criminal enterprise.

A female police inspector arrives and demands to know what’s going on. While Kinjal assures Parul that she will speak with Chachu, Mandeep calls her and reveals everything. Dolly asks Kinjal if she needs help getting to her destination.

The female Inspector wants to know who she is. In her own words, Pratiksha identifies as my sister Kinjal. Both Pratiksha and Ravi are upset. Kinjal tries to leave again, but Inspector stops her, declaring that no one can escape in Dharam Patni.

Beeji tells Dolly she has to use the restroom badly but can’t because of the air conditioning. The Inspector orders her to go. Mandeep, she interrogates, what has Pratiksha done? Mandeep claims she has accomplished so much it’s hard even to begin.

Gulshan introduces himself as “Gulshan Sachdeva,” revealing that his daughter Kavya “just got married” and introduces Ravi Randhawa as the “topmost lawyer” and asks if he should tell his contacts about the news. The Inspector interrupts him with the mid-Ram tale and demands to know how he knows the aunty.

The Truth About Dharam Patni

Who is Aunty? Mandeep wants to know. They caught you as saas, said the Inspector. Gulshan reveals that Pratiksha has committed numerous laws today. If things continue, Prati di will be arrested, according to Kinjal.

Kavya recalls, “I was thrilled because I was marrying my love Ravi, but they kidnapped me from the mandap, took me to a room, made me smell chloroform, and locked me in a cupboard, and I came out with much difficulty.” The Inspector wants to know if Salman or Shahrukh-style lifting was involved.

She claims that she is slimmer than you are. Manvi claims that this girl, with the help of her sister, has confined me in a room. During their conversation, Pratiksha claims that Ravi abducted her and married her. Manvi claims she is telling lies.

Sushila chooses to support Pratiksha. Ravi insists that I can trust Manvi Aunty since she has my back. Sushila had requested that he publicly announce their marriage. Ravi says I wed for vengeance. The Inspector inquires as to if Pratiksha seeks revenge on his behalf.

Mandeep claims this is precisely why she visited. After Ravi weds Pratiksha, Sushila reveals this to the Inspector. After Pratiksha agreed to meet him and traveled here, Ravi abandoned her on the road after his mother instructed him to do so.

The Inspector interrogates the Constable on the status of the Mother-in-Law. Constable claims that they fractured the bones of the in-laws’ grandmother. Inspector gets word from Ravi that Pratiksha is a killer.

The Inspector challenges him to provide evidence that she is a killer. Inspector is asked to refrain from harming Pratiksha’s in-laws and husband. Mandeep insists that none of us are your in-laws. Sushila thinks Pratiksha is a wonderful young woman for coming to the aid of her in-laws.

Mandeep is accused by the Inspector of numerous offenses, all of which will be listed on the charge sheet. She begs her not to assume she is just a woman alone, stating that she is accompanied by law enforcement and a nongovernmental organization.

She claims that you kicked her out. Mandeep claims I did not evict her. The Inspector claims that Sushila ji sent him the clip, warning that everyone in the country will fall ill if the clip becomes widely distributed online.

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