How to Ace the Most Challenging Section of IELTS Exam?

Every individual has their own strengths and experiences when it comes to deciding which part of the IELTS exam is the most difficult. The listening test can be the most challenging for some candidates. Others find the speaking or writing tests to be the most challenging. But because of its difficulty, the reading component of the IELTS exam gives the majority of candidates shivers. Many experts feel that the reading component is what prevents a sizable number of applicants from receiving a high IELTS score.

There is no doubting the fact that applicants in India are proficient readers because English used to be a required subject in school. However, many candidates still struggle to do well in the reading exam due to the difficulty of the paragraphs. This post is for you if you are having trouble getting high marks on the reading test. The article will highlight several tried-and-true strategies for passing the reading portion of the IELTS exam, which is the hardest.

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Use the following advice to ace the reading portion of the IELTS exam:


You initially feel confused when you begin reading the paragraphs. Your time will be wasted trying to focus on the paragraphs repeatedly. As a result, try reading all the paragraphs carefully and actively. so that you won’t have to exert much effort to return to the paragraphs over and time again.

Be prompt

You need to become skilled at swiftly understanding the passages and storing the correct response in your head. If not, it will be quite challenging for you to perform well on the reading portion of the IELTS exam. You need to put a lot of effort into improving how quickly you can understand the paragraph and determine the correct response after only one reading.

Understand the different types of inquiries

To determine whether you have understood the paragraphs correctly or not, you can be asked to name the diagram, fill in the blanks, or answer other types of questions. Keep in mind that you won’t have to give a one-word response. Don’t thus presume that the reading section of the IELTS exam will be simple for you.

Language use and sentence construction

You will encounter a very high level of vocabulary and sentence patterns as you read the text. A candidate can easily ace the reading section if they are proficient in English vocabulary and various sentence structures. Don’t stop learning new words or working to improve your grammar as a result.

First, read the questions

There is nothing incorrect with scanning the questions briefly before beginning. Please keep in mind that we are only suggesting that you skim the questions. Given the limited amount of time you have to answer the questions, you must be extremely cautious about how you divide your time between each task. This will enable you to remember the key passages that look pertinent to the questions.

Peruse and scan

Many experts advise candidates to use the “skim and scan” method in order to complete the paper on time. In this method, though, you don’t focus on every word that is said in the paragraph. Instead, you simply scan the paragraph for the major ideas and immediately understand them. It is advised to test out this trick on the practice papers first.

Talents in reading

You have many resources at your disposal that can aid in the development of strong reading abilities. periodicals, short stories, biographies, novels, etc. Make reading a habit by investing at least 30 minutes each day in your favorite newspaper or book. You will undoubtedly improve your reading abilities as a result of this.

Well, if you are having trouble performing well on the reading portion of the IELTS exam. The PTE exam is then an option. Compared to the IELTS exam, many candidates believe the PTE exam format to be simpler. Join a reliable platform that offers the best PTE online coaching if you want to prepare for the PTE exam properly.


Last but not least, practice sample papers as much as you can to familiarise yourself with the crucial information pertinent to the IELTS exam. You can get a head start on your exam preparations by just completing one example paper.

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