Tips to Keep Rabbit Hutch Clean, Safe, and Fun

Tips to Keep Rabbit Hutch Clean, Safe, and Fun

Place your rabbit in one other safe place where it could not get frightened and make sure it is protected there after which start cleaning its rabbit hutch of dust. A sanitary setting must be maintained. You ought to plan daily to tidy and neat the Coziwow rabbit hutch. Hutches must be cleaned properly every day as rabbits additionally like the clear surroundings around them. Wash your arms with cleaning soap and warm water. Decrease the risk of spreading germs by washing your arms completely when you’ve completed cleansing the cage.

Set Up a Weekly Cleaning Routine

Does your rabbit wish to flip over their meals bowls? This is completely normal habits for rabbits. I would estimate that about half of the rescue rabbits that I work with toss their food bowls… Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits on the Humane Rescue Alliance. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and habits of those small mammals.

Generally speaking, rabbits will shed lots of fur in the course of the season. Due to the change of seasons, the metabolism of rabbits will change. You can neutralize the unhealthy scent with white vinegar. For non-porous surfaces corresponding to cages, hard flooring, patios, or decks, let one to two minutes. Assuming you do not wash your rabbit’s hutch, it’ll smell. Most importantly, meals scraps will decay.

Clean the Litter Box

Place them in a rubbish bag after disposal. A rabbit is an animal with a quick metabolism, so it must be adequately fed and hydrated, which means you should recharge its water bowl now and then. Considering they’re animals, it’s affordable that they contaminate the water bowl once in a while, whereas occasional spillage can be thought-about a customary factor. Therefore, it’s reasonable why they require additional help from their caregivers.

Scrub any urine stains and areas where your rabbit may need missed the litter field. Remove every little thing from inside the hutch. This includes the meals and water dishes, toys, and litter field. Throw away any toys that are dirty or all chewed up.

Remove Any Leftover Food

If the floating matter has begun to dissolve, wash the bottle in hot, soapy water. You can even make your personal pet-safe cleaning solution. Just add one part water and one part vinegar to a spray bottle (1 cup of water + 1 cup of vinegar) to create a simple and efficient all-purpose cleaning disinfectant. In addition to being low-cost, vinegar can be excellent at eradicating odors that might be left from rabbit urine. I don’t like the scent of vinegar, so I additionally add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to make my homemade cleaner smell better. I’ve additionally discovered this vinegar solution to remove any urine stains on the carpet.

Cleaning of hutch daily or weekly is essential besides this disinfecting the hutch can be essential. As you might have clean out the cage, examine the cage condition and assess the rabbit’s well being. When you completed cleaning out of the hutch, take away all of the underneath dirty bedding and exchange that bedding with the model new one.

Clean Around the Rabbit Hutch

It’s crucial that you simply rinse off bleach residue utterly. You can even use a pressure washer if your hutch is a steel cage. If the hutch is permanently connected to a surface, make certain the attachments are safe before turning on the pressure washer. Inspect the cage for harm, holes, and different issues that might compromise the safety of your rabbit. If it’s wooden, ensure that they have not chewed any of it.

When this is not attainable, simply guarantee the complete cage is dry earlier than inserting items and your rabbit again in. Let the cage to dry completely before replacing any gadgets. This inhibits the expansion of bacteria or fungus. In addition, it can protect your rabbit from the results of moisture-related sickness similar to alopecia.

Pick a Good Cage for Your Bunny

The most secure method to go about it’s by using a paper towel or something similar such as newspaper. It will still want alternative every so often due to how quickly these things break aside, particularly when wetted by urine over time . Once you’re carried out with scrubbing the sides, use a sponge or wide brush to do a thorough run via the grills and bottom of the cage. This is when a handheld vacuum cleaner will are available in actual handy.

But control recent meals, which might go off. Remove leftover veg every day, and attempt to feed solely a small amount at a time so all of it will get eaten. If your rabbit´s water bottle is popping green with algae, totally scrub it or substitute the bottle.

There are a number of methods used to take away the urine stains and dirt out of the rabbit’s hutch. You could make it simpler by filling a spray bottle with your chosen disinfectant resolution, and spritzing down the partitions and flooring. Remember your rabbit is soiling within the area where they also sleep and eat, so any bacteria might be in shut contact with the rabbit, making infection extra doubtless.


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