6 Different Gym mats For Safe and Comfortable Exercising

Practicing yoga, Pilates, or any other exercise form on bare flooring can lead to discomfort and chances of physical injuries. So, you can buy gym mats to make your exercise sessions fun, enjoyable, and comfortable! While the foam floor mats are widely used for martial arts training and garage flooring to prevent joint injuries, you can also opt for the mesh and rubber ones!

If your wishlist is flooded with different gym mat options and uncertain about which one to pick, give this write-up a thorough read. Here, we will explain all the different types of mats you can use at the gym or while exercising at home. So, let’s dive deep into it!

Different Gym mats To Make Your Exercising Sessions Comfortable

If you exercise on bare floors and end up getting painful injuries and bruises, take a look at the below-listed gym mats and pick the best-fitted one!  

1.      Yoga Mat 

If you are passionate about yoga, gift yourself a yoga mat! Considered to be one of the thinnest gym mats, yoga mats are actually made with rubber, cotton, mesh, hemp, and even closed-cell PVC. Designed to be lightweight and easily portable, these mats stick close to the floor surface and offer cushioning to the yogis while they engage themselves in yoga practice.

Yoga mats offer excellent protection to the yogis, eliminating the risks of accidental slips and physical injuries. Since these mats are easy to clean and dry, you need not worry about their maintenance. While getting a yoga mat, make sure it is towel-style; so it can easily absorb your sweat.

2.      General Exercising Mat 

In the list of top gym mats, the all-purpose exercising mats secure the second position. These mats are the go-to for most gyms! In case you love to engage yourself in mild free-hand exercises, get an all-purpose general exercising mat. Usually, the general-purpose exercising mats remain thick and short, suitable for practicing sit-ups, Russian twists, planks, etc.

You can find these mats in three different fabrics, including vinyl, EVA, and TPE, each having its own perks. While the vinyl ones are easy to clean, the TPE ones are comfortable and durable, and the EVA mats are affordable and lightweight.

3.      Floor Protecting Mats 

The floor-protecting mats are used to place heavy-weight gym equipment and protect the floor surface from potential damage. Usually made with EVA foams, these mats help reduce noise, absorb shock, and keep the floor underneath intact. Mostly designed in a jigsaw style, these mats are durable and sturdy. Considering all its benefits, even the garage owners prefer installing it at garage flooring.

However the floor-protecting mats are just for safeguarding the floors from getting scratches or cracks due to the heavy weight of the fitness equipment. They create a comfortable setting for gym lovers as well! Simply put, these mats can withstanding weight while creating the most suitable surface for stretching, circuits, and other functional exercises.

4.      Pilates Mats 

Pilates mats are comparatively thicker gym mats designed to provide a cushioning effect to your body. At the same time, these mats ensure excellent grip, allowing you to maintain the correct posture while practicing Pilates.

The grippy surface on both the top and bottom part of the mat promising smoother Pilates moves to the Pilates enthusiasts. Pilates mates need frequent cleaning and washing. Thus, most Pilates mats use closed-cell foam structure as their core material for easy cleaning.   

5.      Fitness Mats 

For stretching and crunches, you can opt for large and thick fitness mats. Generally, these mats remain as long as 5 feet with around half an inch of thickness. Capable of absorbing shocks to some limitations, the fitness gym mats provide a cushioning effect, safeguarding you from the risks of physical injuries.

The professional-level fitness mats that are used by martial arts enthusiasts and gymnasts are thicker than the regular ones. Mostly, professional fitness mats possess a thickness of around 2 inches. The thick material easily absorbs shocks (even the most risky ones) that can otherwise damage your joints, elbows, knees, spine, ankles, or neck. Being big and bulky, carrying the mat can be a little difficult, but worth investing in!  

6.      Stretch Mats 

Stretch mats are thick, provide good cushioning, and are perfect to use for stretching. Usually made with high-density foam and PVC materials, stretch mats are durable and perfect for high-traffic areas like gyms. However, these mats are not foldable, but are lightweight; so you can carry them hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to cover almost all the different types of gym mats in this blog, along with their perks and drawbacks. Now depending on your exercising style and goals, choose the one that fits you well. Just make sure the supplier you pick uses authentic material so that you can use it for the long term, forgetting the worries of easy wear and tear.

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